PO-33 backup and restore

Has anybody successfully made a backup of their PO-33 and restored it? I tried and failed using Ableton :(


  • Yes, it works. You have to record 16 bits/ 44 kHz stereo file like WAV or AIFF. I use H1 Zoom recorder and can restore backups from iPhone or laptop too.
  • It was definitely user error! Once the counter passed 16 and went back to 1 I stopped it. Didn’t realize I had to let it keep going until “END”. It appears the first part backs up the patterns then the second part is the samples which takes longer.
  • Hi is there a chance to make a "factory reset"? I accidentally overwrote some of the original pattern...
    Thank you :)
  • hold pattern + write while inserting batteries to restore the unit to factory default.
  • Awesome - thank you!!
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