PO-33 backup and restore

Has anybody successfully made a backup of their PO-33 and restored it? I tried and failed using Ableton :(


  • Yes, it works. You have to record 16 bits/ 44 kHz stereo file like WAV or AIFF. I use H1 Zoom recorder and can restore backups from iPhone or laptop too.
  • It was definitely user error! Once the counter passed 16 and went back to 1 I stopped it. Didn’t realize I had to let it keep going until “END”. It appears the first part backs up the patterns then the second part is the samples which takes longer.
  • Hi is there a chance to make a "factory reset"? I accidentally overwrote some of the original pattern...
    Thank you :)
  • hold pattern + write while inserting batteries to restore the unit to factory default.
  • Awesome - thank you!!
  • What is the difference between restore and receive data? If I hit the restore combo my PO just starts playing its pattern.

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    @ForAiur said:
    What is the difference between restore and receive data? If I hit the restore combo my PO just starts playing its pattern.

    If you are talking about this guide the way is written is a bit misleading. To backup press Write+Sound+Play (your K.O. should start producing noise) and to restore it press Write+Sound+Record.

  • Tried both in Audacity and Ableton multiple times now, I nearly always get an error, only when the gain on my audio interface was at MAX did I at least get a reaction from the PO-33 but that also failed after some % :/ The idea is so good, but never knowing if your backup works (if I finally get ONE to work) is sad.

  • I try to send the data to the PO via the Headphone out of my audio interface and no other apps are creating any noise. That sould work, right?

  • Could the chinch adapter I have to use to get into my interface (small chinch to big chinch) be part of the problem? What things can diminish the quality of the sound?

  • If it works correctly, does the PO show something when the first beep comes and starts the playback of the recording?

  • I'm sorry to post so much, I'll try to limit it, but I have over 12 tries now. Even ordered cables that are small chinch to big chinch so I knew it was not my adapter. I recorded in Ableton, Audacity, through my Mic in and through a Steinberg U242 but NOTHING works. I tried some files that are flying around online but they also got an error after 1 second or weren't even recognized. Could someone upload me one of his working backups so I could try? Maybe my unit is damaged.

  • One thing I noticed after several tries was that the signal must be stereo, I was trying with a mono signal and it would've never worked

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