OPZ and OP1 sync/interplay

I just pre-ordered an OPZ from Sweetwater, and I am pretty excited. What would be your setup to play with both of these? Will some sort of midi interface be needed? Do we know if the OPZ will utilize a click track? 


  • My plan to answer your questions is to hole up in a room with no computer or phone for a few days and find out!
  • Any word on release? Price?

    "Early next year" is the latest I hear. Price less the op-1, more than PO.
  • I've been thinking about this too.

    OP-Z has CV output for the CV track, but CV/click input? We still don't know.

    If OP-Z has no input like OP-1 or POs, then sending "PO Sync" from OP-1 won't work.

    We will have to wait to find out.

    OPLabs sold out and not available might mean a new solution is coming. Maybe a solution having to do with iOS?
  • I hope the two can sync to eachother
  • I have seen them sync many OP-1s with POs and OP-Zs a couple years ago at Eaux Claires -- so I know it is possible -- just so curious as to how! One elegant solution is needed for syncing. Obviously POs are limited to a click track though. Can't wait to get my hands on a OP-Z!
  • I believe the answer for OP-1 to OP-Z will be midi over USB and then to POs from some master. It will be interesting. 

  • Any more word on this? Will his be the module?

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