OT - Elektronaut Mission #1

Hey everyone !

If it is of some interest for some of you, you're invited to the very first Elektronaut Mission !
I'd be glad to see you come and show your gentleman skills and your musical attitude...

If, of course, you have an Elektron machine...

If you don't, consider getting one maybe :D


  • Awesome news! The Battles helped me understand most of the OP-1 functions and hope that they will do the same with the Octatrack. For that first one, I will download the Monolith template (never used the OT as a synth with the single cycle waveforms trick).

  • If someone wants to send me an Octatrack, I'd be more than happy to join in this mission.  Hell, I'd trade my Kaossilator and my Thingamagoop and a custom made cases for an Octatrack!!!

    Anyway, good luck you all!!!
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    I intend to use the Monolith thing as well.
    There is also the Adventure Kid Wafe Forms reworked by Inspektor Gadget, that might be interesting as well....

    @xtbed I got my OT for 800€ (second hand oc), it's a more reasonable price.
    But I really think that the Analog Rytm is THE Elektron box to have, I'll have to save money for months to get one !!
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