Battle 57 Listening and Voting

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Hi All!
So.. We have 5 titles to vote for:

Thanks a lot guys for participating and liking the challenge, apparently some of you rediscovered the qualities of their forgotten gear, me included :)





And mine, which is not eligible for voting :smile:

Let's us vote until next (american) Saturday. It's the 15th.

E V E R Y O N E of the forum is allowed to vote!!!

Hey @yoof, please announce this. Thank you!


  • @mixrasta I think I missed something. how come your is not eligible?

  • @KOHLBERG Because he's the battle host and rule-maker.

  • Made a playlist for better listening convenience... ;)

  • Thank you @motone. It's funny how some tracks fit together.

    It's pretty hard to vote, all tracks have their charm.
    Mine will go to @motone's “GenreRaid” that really make good use of the soundscapes offered by the Grenadier.

  • @motone said:
    @KOHLBERG Because he's the battle host and rule-maker.

    ahhh I see.

    @motone was a very close second for me, but my vote goes to @kln. Three Twelves gets me hyped. It's growly and ominous, and then funky and bright, and morphs seamlessly. It's completely dope.

  • All these tracks are great guys! This was a fantastic idea for a battle. I even got my old Casio VA-10 out, but didn't get anything recorded... Maybe it will fit into another battle at some point.

    My vote goes to:

    @kln Three Twelves - just connected with that one the most, the others were excellent as well, hard time choosing.


  • Every track is a gem. Hard to decide...

    "Sleap on it": Usually I'm not into that downbeat stuff, but this track is awesome. I love that chilled out aura and the tape fiddeling. Nice scratching.
    "Well, I never...": Solid track, but for me it does not beat the first one.

    @kln Massive bass growl and nice brass sample, the beat is dope. Great track.

    @LyingDalai Your track has really great progressions, the sounds are great, too.

    @mixrasta: Niiiiice track, I feel like sitting in that bus cruising along into that well deserved holiday...

    As already mentioned, it's a hard decision: "Sleap On It" by @KOHLBERG gets my vote, with @kln and @LyingDalai being close second.

  • So... I guess we have a winner !

  • Poll is still open until Sunday (Dec 15th)

  • Oh. My mistake!

    Still time to vote, operators !!

  • Good stuff all around! Great brief and great work. Casting my vote for “Sleap on it” by @KOHLBERG

  • So amazing these tunes.
    Busy week ahead but will get my vote in.

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