OP1 & OPZ DRUMKITs & DRUM BREAK Patches ••••••π

gang of custom made op1 & opz drum kits & drum break patches
a pack contains anywhere from 27-40 patches each.
$5 // pack. help me keep the lights on. thanks for checking


much love


  • Weak. Make them $0 and ask for a donation.

  • edited November 8

    whoa buddy
    i been sharing my patches for free for years.
    all i'm asking is for a lil sustenance for my time and effort
    nobody getting rich relax
    $5 is about 15 cents a patch per pack. seems more than fair

  • Purple rain + OPZ = tag team..

  • Not to cause anymore argument, but I just felt like chiming in....

    I think there's no problem with you selling your drumkits. For people who want free drumkits there are more than enough out there, so they don't have to buy yours if they don't feel like spending money.

    I completely understand that you don't want to part with your hard work for nothing....so good luck with the sales!

  • My point is, this sub is for sharing patches not selling them. I see no problem in asking for a donation, but take it to the Buy/Sell sub if you want to sell them.

  • fair enough, my mistake then, but to be fair, your point was lost in your original comment

  • added a bundle. all 4 for $15 (25%off)
    thanks to all the supports so far and in the future!

  • Bought the bundle. Thanks for putting all these together.

  • @PLNB said:
    Purple rain + OPZ = tag team..


    @jazzmess said:
    Bought the bundle. Thanks for putting all these together.

    thanks g much appreciated!

  • heres a few freebies i whipped up plus all the original wavs
    (couldn't fit them all into the patches)

    can't seem to upload/attach any files on here so i put em up on my site real quick
    (click the second "BOUTIQUE" to D/L)


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