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Hello all! First my sincere apologies for the delay. Lets get this battle going...... sound the drums.


We all have a favorite emoji.

  1. Lets start by picking 3

  2. Sample a sound that relates back to the emoji. ( For eg. :D - Sample a laugh ) Doesn't have to be quite as literal

  3. Weave a sonic story together

Please make sure to share your emojis + samples separately and present in whatever way you think does
best justice to your work.


  1. Max 2.5 Minutes
  2. No external effects
  3. No prerecorded samples longer than 3 seconds
  4. Do not use your favorite scales or patches
  5. Final master done in the OP-1
  6. No DAW
  7. Describe (shortly) how/what you recorded and used.

Please post your submissions to this thread by end of Sunday 7th October. Good luck!

☻ Best of Luck!



  • Also how do I make this an announcement?

  • Hey @emote ! :)
    Seems you made a brief that fits your name !! :p

    You got to call @yoof or even @dimi3 to make it sticky, I guess...

  • Thought it’ll be interesting. @LyingDalai

  • So entire song must be made with an Op-1 nothing else, no outside mastering or arranging, JUST Op-1?

    BUT we can use samples that are less than 3 seconds long? You say no pre-recorded samples more than 3 seconds long....... so we can sample new stuff that's more than 3 seconds long?

    I'm ok with whatever the rules are, just want to make sure :smile:

  • You can, but the samples can only be of the emoji sounds :)

  • Can I use samples from the inbuilt radio?

  • @mixrasta said:
    Can I use samples from the inbuilt radio?

    If it fits your emoji...

  • Problem solved: 📻

  • Ha! Gute Idee!


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    STay tuned for "🤮", an étude

  • I just wanna say awesome 👏

  • Surprised no music has been posted yet :/ If you're like me you procrastinate until the last minute..... I'm used to battles only being like 1 week long, so to be honest I just started working on this battle. I DID create an idea I really like this week, I'm just having a hard time expanding on it. That's what I'm doin now, trying to make it into a full beat. Will make myself upload it no matter what tho! Even if I'm battling myself & the beat sucks!

  • I am still learning (by playing) how my new Op-1 works (in between working and other commitments, speaking of which, I've been on nightshift which tends to kill my vibe) I'm not sure if I'll get a chance to do anything (as much as i would love to) before the 7th :/

  • I recorded and primarily used samples from the Radio.

    I utilized only 3 seconds or less per sample, including the drums which are two different captures of a break from some Vinyl.

    also from Vinyl is one of the vocal samples, which may be familiar to some if they are familiar with the Beatnuts.

    otherwise it's pretty much just snippets from radio recordings.

    emojis = 🥁🎹❤️

  • Hell yea @kln
    I LOVE IT!
    Great work!

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    I will have cooked sth until tomorrow night. I just recorded my emoji :-)

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    Done! The short version...
    Samples are from me frying an egg 🍳 and waving the pan like the cook.
    Also some short vocal samples of some of my records.
    The rest is played by me without sequencers except the Hihats. Only Op-1 engines.

    Thanks to @emote for the fun.
    Great track by @kln by the way, hope we're not the only ones this time, ha!

    My emojis: The fried egg cook, the Ladies (Singers) and the guy for the gangster vibe.

  • Microwave Op1 beat - Emoji's: Cassette, Question mark & Smiley face.
    All sounds come from cassette, picked cassette used for main melody rhythm roulette style. Bought the cassettes in a 'lot' online for $1 a piece, it ended up being Barbara Streisand. Sampled 1st 12 seconds of song off cassette (drums come from another cassette). Beat seems happy, which is where the smiley face comes in.
    Made the beat today, started about 5 hours before posting, first Op-1 beat. Glad I challenged myself, had fun with this.

  • Nice @mixrasta <3 Love yours as well!

    You guys kicked my ass.
    Im ok with that tho :)

    Its inspiring to hear what can be done with just the op1, both of you did a great job!

  • GUYS! These are sounding great, do we want to take this into judging now or leave it open maybe for a few more days?
    What you all saying? Great work @dj_KLN @mixrasta @Sharris

  • edited October 8

    Thank you both! :)
    I have no problems with extending the deadline. It's already tradition here!

    Just saw you posted one as well @Sharris
    I'm gonna give it a listen later, cool!

  • I'm fine with leaving it open incase anyone else wants to join in.

  • @emote - extension is ok with me too.

    @mixrasta @Sharris - nice, quality tracks. just had my first listen today. want to have another good listen to both tracks, as they were quite well done.

    hope some other OP-1ers join in!

  • That's really a nice Cosy tune you've done there @Sharris

  • Thanks for the kind words guys :)
    I created something that I really liked using only op-1 synths & sounds, but it was just a 8 bar loop. I went back to finish it this weekend, but realized I forgot to save the synth sounds I made (still getting used to the ways of the Op-1 :) Sunday morning I watched this video (), which inspired me to use cassette's. I didn't have much time & I can flip samples quicker than I can work with synths, so thats the route I took. Picked at random, but.... I admit if it was complete shit I wouldve picked another song or cassette & replaced the question mark emoji with something else ;)

  • Wow thats big. Sorry, I thought it would just list the youtube channel


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