ℬÅ✞✝ℒℰ 56 + Emoji-usic

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Hello all! First my sincere apologies for the delay. Lets get this battle going...... sound the drums.


We all have a favorite emoji.

  1. Lets start by picking 3

  2. Sample a sound that relates back to the emoji. ( For eg. :D - Sample a laugh ) Doesn't have to be quite as literal

  3. Weave a sonic story together

Please make sure to share your emojis + samples separately and present in whatever way you think does
best justice to your work.


  1. Max 2.5 Minutes
  2. No external effects
  3. No prerecorded samples longer than 3 seconds
  4. Do not use your favorite scales or patches
  5. Final master done in the OP-1
  6. No DAW
  7. Describe (shortly) how/what you recorded and used.

Please post your submissions to this thread by end of Sunday 7th October. Good luck!

☻ Best of Luck!


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