I may have found the perfect backpack for OP-1 and Pocket Operators

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$29! Way cheaper than a lot of cases I see out there!

It's for the Nintendo Switch, which is relatively similar in size for the OP-1, and it contains numerous smaller compartment areas, I'm thinking would be good for multiple PO's. Also can hold a 15 inch laptop with ease.

Only problem I had is the Nintendo Switch Stitching, which according to the reviews can be easily removed with a knife. Nothing against Nintendo, I own a switch and it's a fun little thing, but I hate advertising logos. (I worked for Apple and they gave us backpacks one year, put a giant piece of duck tape over that logo, yeesh.)

I ordered mine today, when I get it I can take pictures/give a review on how compatible it is with our synthy machines, if you guys want!


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    my op1 is about 2 in / 50mm longer then my switch. almost identical width though.

  • With the price you paid for the synth.... is it worth goibg cheap on something thats supposed to protect it? You can buy 3-4 nintendo switch for the price of 1 OP-1 is it ruged, heavy duty stitching??

  • I agree with Curtball, all tho I do understand that Op-1 cases are spendy & why not look for a cheaper alternative....but would it protect it just as good?
    I got a really nice tablet from my boss for Christmas, dropped it on my gravel driveway & smashed the screen. Decided right then, all my portable electronics get a case! The tablet was like $200 & breaking it sucked, especially since a case would've prevented it. $900 Op-1 that I take everywhere with me? The case I have is like $59 new & I can tell it would protect it from a fall.... totally worth it. The backpack posted above shows $39.99..... must've went up in price? Not a bad idea tho.

  • Or just buy the decksaver, perfect case. And the OP-1 almost keeps its normal size. 10€ more..

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    @mixrasta said:
    Or just buy the decksaver, perfect case. And the OP-1 almost keeps its normal size. 10€ more..

    +1 love my decksaver!! Plus you can flip it upside down to use as a stand:


  • deck saver is essential i think...then you can get any cheaper case to put it in and feel good about it being protected

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