Question about livestream sound setup

So i want to do twitch livestreams about making music on the OP-1 that i will recieve in less than a week.
How do i get the sound t go on my PC and my headphones ? Do i need a soundcard or is there an option directly on the OP-1 ?


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    Sometimes PCs have Line-Ins. So you can use that to get sound from the OP1 into your PC. BUT!! they usually are really bad - you won't get a remotely good sound out of them. So I'd advice to invest in an Audio Interface.

    The Behringer UR22 is something that comes to mind. It will last a while and comes fairly cheap - 115€ here. There are cheaper options, but I use my UR22 now for several years and it still does its job and has good-enough sound quality. Also it'll be very straight forward to set up:

    UR22 -> PC via USB, Select UR22 as Soundcard
    OP1-> UR22 Input
    Speakers/Headphones-> UR22
    OBS (or whatever you'll use for streaming) -> Input 1 (or 2) from UR22.

    The UR22 has a knob where you can send sound from the input directly to the output (monitor). So You can hear all PC sounds and the OP1 sounds.

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    this prolly isn't really the time nor place, but i think the notion
    "that built in interfaces/sound cards are bad" is antiquated.

    like computers nowadays actually have pretty good ins and outs, and converters, etc.
    for what they are.
    prolly just as good as a cheaper interfaces does.

    is it amazing? no prolly not but it'll get the job done handedly just like a cheap interface would get the job done.

    i dunno maybe its an apple thing but i've used the input and output on my MBP a few times when i was in a pinch only to be surprised that it sounded alright. not bad in anyway. very useable. not noisey either
    it goes up to 24-bit 96 kHz too.

    getting an interface is not a bad idea by any means, just think that ppl automatically think they need one b/c its the prevailing thought across the internet & music forums

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