Battle 55 Voting

(i'm a little late on this oops)

we've only got two contenders this time around, but they're both excellent tracks! just think of it like... we had a tournament and this is the finals

dj_KLN - watch out (loop mix) :

emote - honey honey :

let's start with a week for voting; current deadline is august 13. may end up extending a second week depending on how active the voting is


  • Hope you guys enjoy it, hoped there were more but still excited to see whats comes about. :)

  • Emote gets my vote. Big fan of the creaky door droning sound.

  • Nice tunes both of you!
    I love OP1 music when it's done well and plays on its strength.


  • I haven't had a chance to listen back to your tracks but I'll cast my vote.
    @emote -honey honey.
    It was the small touches like EQ fade in and out that stuck with me.
    Well done both of you for showing us how it's done!

  • yea let's give this a few more days, would like to get a decent handful of votes in before calling it

  • i'm not precious about it, and am happy to pass the win to @emote

    would be cool to get a new battle going!

  • @emote Nice submission, love the chilled out flavour.

    But my vote goes to @kln, because of the nice transitions between the loops.

  • Actually you have just reminded me that @kln stuck to the brief expertly.

  • Really loving the super chill and fluid vibe from @emote
    Great selection of a vocal sample. You got my vote!

  • i'll go ahead and call it here. looks like emote will be our winner this time. congrats dude! go ahead and plan the next battle c:

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