OP-1 Death crash after USB connect

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Hello everyone...this is my first post here ;)
I have had my OP-1 for about 3 months now from brand new...
Had a few problems with it and had to reset it twice but it has been running well recently...until...
Yesterday I had made a couple of tracks and plugged in the USB cable to upload the finished tracks to my pc.
As soon as I made the pc connection the screen froze with lots of red lines down it, then an error message came up (which I didn't have time to snap...then...death
I turned it off and on again and nothing
The speaker 'pops' but there is nothing on the screen and the battery meter has no lights

So I followed all of the procedures on the OP-1 support page, even charged it all night but...dead

Anyone else had this?? Is it the DSP board??

Thank you


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    if u hold com or shift+com (can't remember exactly which off the dome) when you power on
    can you get to the factory reset/firmware load menu?

    u might wanna try resetting it and/or reloading the firmware.

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    I have reset it before but it's not happening this time
    Thanks for the advice :)
    Is it dead dead??
    I have contacted the support company here in Japan and am waiting for their response...

  • I kick started mine once with numerous usb in and out, and on/off combos.One of them just worked for some reason.
    I didn't have your red line crash,just reboot failure after deleting files via usb.

  • Thanks. I have been trying all day but nothing yet...keep going!!

  • have you tried disconnecting the usb first?

  • Oh yes...USB into charger. Disconnected. Into pc usb. I have tried everything.
    I can only think that it has killed the DSP board as the speaker still 'pops', so the power switch must be ok??

  • I wonder if they could replace it.Like the whole unit.
    Good luck.

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    Hope so...fingers crossed
    UPDATE : Liivng in a disaster zone at the moment and cannot send my OP-1 for repair!! Will take some time...
    Thanks for the responses ;)

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