Dropped my new OP1 whilst G Forcing

So i discovered how fun it is to modulate LfOs with the G force accelerometer , shortly followed by a rollercoasteresque drop in my stomach after my sweet little one slipped from my grasp and fell 3 feet onto tile (face first!)

All seems well but I’m freaking out a bit. Anybody else dropped an OP1 and had no problems??


  • I have not, but I only G force over the table. Sounds like you got very lucky!! Maybe hook a lanyard through the strap hole when using the G LFO.

  • Will do for sure!

    I’m feeling lucky but still wary of any possible damage. It’s been hours now and she is still chugging along, so I hope I’m in the clear. Really good idea about lanyard, I thought that’d only be necessary for vigorous waving but butterfingers yowza!

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