prep for op-1 doomsday

How many of you have experienced problems with the op-1? And how did you fix it? After flipping through the forum it seems like a lot of people have had issues with components failing and problems with TE support. I'm a new parent of a used op-1 with a missing keycap and I'm getting scared! Just want to make sure my newborn can live its best life, and if need be, how I can prepare for the worst.


  • Go easy on the in/out/usb jacks. Take care when plugging/unplugging and try to avoid any stress on plugged in cables.

  • My in/out/usb jacks broke last month. I bought a replacement board (just for that area). It works ok BUT its extremely tight for space in that area and so the on/off switch is a hell of a lot tighter/harder to push than previously

  • thanks guys this is the kinda discourse I'm looking for! o:)

  • I think the best prep for OP-1 dooms day is to open a new savings account and stick a tenner a month into it for the inevitable. Just buy a new one.

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