Site Upgrades / Error Reports

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we are running a few updates


  • Site will go down in 15 minutes.
  • ...And we're back up.

    If you encounter any errors on the site, please let us know in this thread.

  • I just had to reset my password.not sure if it was coincidence.

  • I also had to reset my password to get back on.

  • Password reset for me too.

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    Same same
    And mobile navigation seems faster ! Didn’t tried on desktop.

  • Password reset here too. Everything else ok.

  • I also had to reset my password.

  • Had to reset my password too.

  • Won't let me update my profile picture; it says, "Whoops! There was an error."

  • I checked, and also cannot update my profile picture

  • @admin can anyone tell me the email for my account “grumpysnorlax” I cant get into my account using my password and I can’t find the email I used for the account.

  • had to reset my password too.
    liking the new markdown box

  • having trouble uploading pics as images or files.

    shrunk their size down in photoshop and still failing to upload

  • Super minor nit picky issue, but the favicon is gone after the update. I only mention it because it is easier to find the right tab when you have 10's of tabs open.

  • favicon gone here on firefox, mac as well.

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