Pocket Operators Beat Tape! 京都ビートテープ

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I love the very direct way of beatmaking with the Pocket Operators, being deep at the same time (parameter locks, crazy sounds!) and very portable. As my music is very live focused and based only on hardware, I choose to step back from my more complex acid techno setup and explore the ultra portable capabilities of the PO´s for my more hip hop oriented  endeavours.

Last year I traveled to Japan and released there a split cassette tape, where the A side was made and sequenced only with Pocket Operators (mostly Tonic and Arcade), plus an OTO Biscuit, a SP303 for vinyl sim compression and Ableton Live 9 for a little EQ and smoothing effects). The B-side is acid tencho, err techno lol made with the OP-1, Digitakt and the analog TB-303 clone TT-303. 

モブス did an astonishing live set with the OP-1, Ableton Push and Volca Sample. 

I did a live Pocket Operators instrumental hip hop set there, which was Tascam recorded and will be released soon in cassette by Chippanze (https://chippanze.bandcamp.com/) label.  

As I´m working in the final touches of this next release, I decided to upload the split tape in Bandcamp. The cassette is sold out but I recorded it from my master tape copy. 

Link to the split tape: https://aeoner.bandcamp.com/album/-

Hope that you like! 

beat tape


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