Battle 53 - DGROOVE

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For this battle, we're going to get down and dirty with (IMO) the strangest sound engines on the OP-1: DBOX and DSYNTH. I've heard that they're also the most flexible engines, but I guess we'll find out if that's true ;)

The Rules

- Use DSYNTH for synth sounds and DBOX for drum sounds.
- Try to avoid using presets as much as possible. The point of this battle is to dig deep into these engines. Explore!
- For inspiration, you can also use samples from this Qubit Electronix modular pack on Converse Sample Library.
- Go absolutely insane with LFOs, effects, internal samplers, and even outboard gear for processing and mangling these three sound sources. I mean it, GET CRAZY.

Standard Stuff

- Try to aim for 3 minutes of music
- Submit up to 2 tracks. Votes go towards the track, not the author
- All mixing/mastering must be done on the OP-1
- Upload to Soundcloud

Post your submissions to this thread by Sunday, March 25th (three weeks from today). Good luck, everyone!


  • Dope challenge
  • yeah!. looking forward :)
  • Had a crack earlier today... Was experimenting with running into the red with max drive on the master... You can really hear the release settings this way, it makes an amazing amount of difference to go from minimum release to 60 - 100... I just went a bit too hard though... Might try to go back, and resample to get more manageable gain.

    Fun challenge so far... Sidebar - I had the grid lines switched off at times... Really opens shizz up ... <3
  • Great battle, @_fulgid! Liked to have the DBOX again in a battle, need to explore more the D series :) However, the link to the Qubit Electronix isn´t working (tried also yesterday with no success, so I assume that it´s a problem with the Converse platform). Maybe you can suggest another external sampling juice? 
  • Sidebar - I had the grid lines switched off at times... Really opens shizz up ... <3
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    - Try not to avoid using presets as much as possible. The point of this battle is to dig deep into these engines. Explore!
    I am guessing you meant to try to avoid using the presets, but please correct me if I am wrong. 
  • Hi all!
    First post, first battle, first OP1 song.

  • Been a while since i participated, think I might jump in on this one, sounds like a challenge 
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    Hey pals.

    whelp, i made a track already. My 2nd entry evaaaaaa...

    Stick with it, it's quite progressive, haha.

    Basically an exercise in re-sampling, and being guided by the OP-1, rather than trying to tame it's beastness... It's also  reflective of my state of mind at the moment, I'm about to leave my home, and my wife for 4 months to play solo on a ship on the other side of the world... Seemed like a good idea at the time...

  • LudicrouSpeed you are a badman haha
  • Nice work
  • Nice track @ludicrouspeed :) Cool heavy vibes. Liked the other entries too.

    Digging this challenge! Dunno if I'll finish in time (or strictly inside op1..) but a lot of fun focusing on only the two D's. I mostly ignored them til now but getting some wild sounds. Also reminding me how fun/interesting the Op1 fx can be + its the first time I ever really got round to using the M1 and M2 functions. Feels like Christmas ;)
  • @ludicrouSpeed duuuuuuuuuuuuuude :o 

    Prob one of my favourite ever battle entries I've heard!
  • @ludicrouSpeed duuuuuuuuuuuuuude :o 

    Prob one of my favourite ever battle entries I've heard!
    Wow, thankyou so much. I learn from the best here on the forums <3
  • Great stuff so far! One week left... >.>
  • Just an improv I liked:

    I will try to be more creative in the second entry.
  • I just loaded one of my custom DBox kits, set Endless seqencer to play one melodic note and started playing and tweaking the sound. This is just pure awesome mode. DBox is really good for melodic sounds. An additionally cool thing about this is that you can tweak envelopes without changing pages.

    Really glad this Battle is about D-engines. I really learned a lot.
  • here is my submission...apologize for the length but I got to drumming on the D-Box and couldn't stop. Followed the guidelines and used some of the suggested samples as well. 

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    Here comes mine. Recorded and uploaded in train (ice to munic). Uploading with mobile phone and ravpower FileHub was the most complicating part.

    Next try after audiocopy app uploaded the track but SoundCloud refuses to render it. I tried another 3 times to upload it with AudioShare and that finally worked. With track i tried to do a stereo arpeggios pattern.
  • Long time listener first time contender.
    Enjoyed using both the dsynth and dbox. Didnt use any of the samples, didnt go to crazy, had my hands full of exploring sounds of the synth engines. :)

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    Started out bizarre, but followed a path that led to something a lot more low key

  • Whoops the world decided to go daylight saving time and I didn't change my room clock. 
    Is this entry still eligible? 

    I don't have the OP-1 that long and I mainly use it for sampling purposes into Ableton so this battle was great to struggle with some arrangement in the tape. Quite satisfied with the end result sound wise. 
    Hope you guys like it. 

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    Hey that was an a real battle for me. At least with my efforts to do it not only with the D-Sound-Engins (which I tried to avoid a lot before the battle) but also to do the uploads with my mobile phone only (the ravpower file hub allows Computerless access to the OP-1). I discovered, that soundcloud does not allow uploads from IOS-Browsers or their app. But the audiocopy and audioshare app claim to be able to and audioshare was the only app that finally did it.
    The D-Sound-Engines are capable of a lot of different sounds, but will mostly produce some noisy fm/am-sounds if untamed. When adjusting very slightly the parameters they work really great for a wide spectrum of sounds. With the Sequencers running I was also able to adjust the sounds in detail. Remembered, that he Dbox drumsounds can be selected with a sequencer running if you use shift+drumkey to select the sound I wanted to edit, which was a great help.

    And finally there are a lot of great track to listen to in this battle.
  • === submissions are now closed ===

    Excellent work, everyone! Meet me in the voting thread.
  • Would-have-been-second-entry:

    100% DBox. No resampling. But too late...
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