Experience w/ TE repair service?

Hello, gang.

My OP-1 has been in the hands of TE’s authorized repair agent in the US. It took almost 2 weeks, after it was received, to acknowledge receipt and issue me a quote. So I paid. It was quoted as 1/2 an hour labor. 10 days since, and I’ve heard nothing RE: a return tracking #, etc.

Can anyone in the US whom has been through this process w/ them, please relate your experience to me?



  • I sent my first email on Jan 26th, and after agonizing waits between troubleshooting emails to get the link to the RMA, I havent gotten a response or a shipping address for the US repair center. This post doesnt give me hope for a swift repair.... In pretty much every thread regarding support I've searched up there is always a post about them being slow. I would send a follow up email. Good luck.
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