Iphone sync po’s

This might be a stupid idea but I want to know your opinion.
I have a k-mix and a couple of po’s and an ipad and an iphone.
I want to use the po’s with instruments on the ipad.
The k-mix functions as a mixer and audio interface.
I want to record with the ipad. When a chain the po’s I find it difficult to get a good mix, so what I want to do is to connect each po to the k-mix (yes it has lots of inputs). This way I can record each po on separate track.
Then I’ll use an iphone app that outputs a midi sync. The iphone is in sync with the ipad via abrlton link.
Now here comes my question. I want the iphone to sync the op’s by sending out the midi sync signal but how do I split the signal to send to each po?
I guess there is some cheap simple thing that does this?
Thanks for all help.


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