Backorders on OP-1

Hey everybody,

I have been patiently waiting on the Op-1 to be restocked and shipped out for some time now. I bought mine from 2 distributors (I know a bit ludicrous to buy two of the same synth) in an attempt to capitalize on getting one in my hands ASAP. There must be a hold up in production because these things keep getting pushed back! I was expecting mine to be shipped out next Monday, but now the distributor is reporting ~Feb. 7th...

I’m wondering if this is common for TE. Considering the lag in news on the OPZ and all I feel like TE is really dropping the ball here. Have any of you picked up an OP-1 recently? Could you point me in the direction of a distributor that has them stocked? Im seeing MOMA has them in but they have some outlandish tax on their products and at that price I might as well buy from a scalper on Ebay for the $1100-1400 they’re asking.

Im losing hope friends. I feel like Ill never get my hands on an OP-1 again :( <\3


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