Battle 51 – One-Minute Wonders - VOTING

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Time to vote! You can vote for 3 tracks. We are voting for individual tracks this time, not the artists. As always, It's nice to share some feedback, but there are a lot of tracks this time - so do whatever feels right. Voting will close on Jan 15th. Thanks for participating everybody!

The Dolphin

Starship Fiesta


Now With More Icing

Here's The Thing

Who Has It Turned Up Too High

The Crows Witnessed


Meet Her At The Cantina

Speed of Light

Brussel Sprouts

Four Left Feet


Wait A Minute

There's An Animal You Really Want To Be

CWO Tipping


OP's Choice

Spinning Bird Kick

Concrete Hangover

All Is Lost

First Dream Of The New Year

Looping Cans

Yesterday's Groove


After the Party

80's Vaporwave






Almost Never

Uke - Schnuke


Experiment N3

Left Right

Playlist of all Battle Entries!


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    This was fun. Not sure I'm doing this right...but do we just post our votes in this thread? Here are mine:

    1. @MirEko - Summertime
    2. @QuaranteQuatre - Starship Fiesta
    3. @QuaranteQuatre - Meet Her At The Cantina
    Really was a toss up between Quarantequatre and MirEko's tracks for me. Was digging Quarantequatre's synth grooves and melodies, and MirEko's spaced-out chilled-out vibes. Cool stuff.
  • Ok, I've listened a few times... think I've decided. 

    1. @MirEko - Summertime - My absolute favourite from this battle. Loved the beats, loved the bass, loved the leads, the wobbliness, proper cool track! And just right for beating all the cold weather in the northern hemisphere!

    2. @kln - Outer-lude - this was really dreamy. Great start with the "You're about to hear" sample - reminds me of the kind of chilled out Ninja Tune beats of the 90's. The melodies and samples weave in and out of each other in a really nice way. Great work! (All your other tracks were super ace too!)

    3. @Kohlberg - Four Left Feet. Really masterful this. Loads of cool elements in the track and flows really nicely. It really reminds me of the output from @Lymtronics from past battles (he was like a Jedi Master of battles).

    Honourable mentions:

    @bradthedesigner - All Is Lost - Energetic, optimistic and engaging sounds with some nice different sections... dead good!
    @QuaranteQuatre - Speed of Light - Really loved all the detuned wobbliness on this one.
    @MillionBurstsOfRed - GRIITS - loved the whole blown speaker house party vibe.
    @jshell - sunhil - liked the experimental vibes.

  • bradthedesigner yes indeed. Please just edit your post and give the authors as well as the names of the tracks, makes it easier for the one that has to count the votes ;)

    36 tracks ! This was a very successful brief, congratulations @Edzilla !!
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    My votes in no particular order :

    • track 11 : - yoof - — Brussel Sprouts
      I love your d'n'b vibe, it's so well put, automatic vote :)
    • track 17 : Teder — one minute wonder
      This vibrato reminds me a bit of E.M.M.A's "Dream Phone" track. There is something in your track that really touches me.
    • track 9 : Quarantequatre — Meet Her At The Cantina 
      Of all your track I choose this one cause it has this little silly cheap Sexy Sushi vibe.
      Even the crazy sample rings like "Forêt Mystique"
      I don't know if you know this band, but if not you should definitely check it, mon bon :D
      Your track are really cool, I like it when you drop tracks like this man ! You seem to enjoy your last toy, I'm quite glad I push you a bit to get it ;)

    The following could have figured in my top 3 cause they are quite good as well...
    track 28 : MirEko — 1MIN Beat - Summertime
    track 33 : dinraum — Uke - Schnuke
    track 21 : bradthedesigner — All Is Lost
    track 10 : Quarantequatre — Speed Of Light
    track 30 : sunhil — jshell - operator1.battle51.entry01 - iterlive R
    I love your FM (Monomachine ?) sounds ! Reminds me of another track of yours that I really like ;)
    track 23 : onidon — Looping cans

    There is so much choice, tracks are pretty good and numerous !
    Congratulations everyone !!!!
    I did have fun myself and am very glad to have been participating to this awesome Battle !
  • 1. @yoof “Spinning Bird Kick” is just perfect. Clever use of samples and plenty of dnb intensity dripping with 16 bit nostalgia makes it a favorite for sure. The breakdown at the end was a nice surprise too.

    2.  @Quarantequatre "Meet Her at the Cantina" is so different from what I would make but I love it.  I'm also imagining the star wars band from your track image playing your song and it brings me great joy. 

    3.  @millionburstsofred "MO//NE//YY" is too heavy of a banger to not get a vote.  Probably the banger-iest of all.  There's also a ton of subtle variety in it.  I think in music, you can be anything but boring and you've done a good job of keeping it interesting and full of mangling surprise (something I probably need to work on).

    This is my first battle, but it seems like a pretty high turnout (not sure if it's always like this?).  Cheers to THAT!

    @bradthedesigner "All Is Lost"
    @dj_KLN "OP's choice"
    @mirEko "Mellow"
    You all could have just as easily been there.  All great tracks!!!!
  • Thank you so much @bradthedesigner, @yoof for the mention :), my pal @LyingDalai and @KOHLBERG. I really appreciate ! It means a lot to me

    @LyingDalai, I don't regret the SH ;) TY for pushed my GAS ;)
    I'm glad you find a vibe from Sexy Sushi ! These tracks are not the kind of music I'm usually making

    @KOHLBERG Usually, I'm not making EDM or IDM, but I don't know why, it came like this lol. That's totally the Cantina Band from Star Wars, I got the same vision and I found it funny.

    Thanks again guys

    I've got to listen again and again the playlist, there is so much good tracks and vibes in this Battle ! That's simply awesome
  • Very hard to choose 3 tracks ! Here is my votes :

    @yoof - Who Has It Turned Up Too High > Awesome DnB, I love it !
    @KOHLBERG - Four Left Feet (get to the point version) > Very nice Trip-Hop side, and very good mixing and the samples are perfect !
    @bradthedesigner - All Is Lost > I really love the melodies you made. Great stuff dude !

    I really like the other tracks too, that was very hard to pick only 3 out of there.
    There's such different styles and approach, this battle should be an entire Album !
  • Thanks @Quarantequatre and everyone that mentioned my track! I'm stoked that y'all liked it. This was my first battle and it was a great experience. I've made music for years (indie-rock, americana, etc), but find that pure electronic music is very hard for me to finish, so this one-minute song challenge was perfect. I've been listening to everyone's tracks and trying to use them as reference as I explore using samples, beats and arranging. Arrangements and track progressions are the most difficult thing for me to be satisfied with my decisions. I have tons of fun creating music and jamming by myself, but that doesn't always turn into something that is fun for others to listen to.
  • What a batch of great tracks in this battle :) Really enjoyed to go through the whole list. It's a difficult choice to vote only three :)

    The Crows Witnessed by @yoof - Really amazing atmosphere made with OP-1.
    CWO Tipping by @kohlberg - Genious :)
    All is Lost by @bradthedesigner - Very well arranged classic vibe.

    Congrats to all :)
  • Thanks to all entries. I'm learning a lot from you all!

    My Votes Are:
    1) "MO//NE//YY" by  @millionburstsofred
    2) The Crows Witnessed by @yoof
    3) The Dolphin by @dj_KLN

  • voting, in no particular order, which has been tough, by the way, due to the abundance of bonafide entries.

    - Uke - Schnuke
    - Mellow
    - Almost Never

    many others caught massive enjoyment in my ear.  of course Yoof is always top shelf material. Bradthedesigner dropped some quality tracks, as did Quarantequatre. I could just name everyone, really, as having posted something f'n fantastic.

    honored to be in contest with all involved. 

    thanks host edzilla! 
  • Smashing selection folks, in no order:

    @yoof - the crows witnessed (creepy!)
    @quarantquatre - speed of light
    @mirEko - mellow

    Terrific brief for this battle. 
  • Do we need any more time to vote? I know there are a lot of tracks to listen to, but I want to wrap this up and name a winner before the weekend. Does a couple more days work?
  • We have a winner!

    the crows witnessed by YOOF!

    Great work everybody! Looking forward to the next battle.

    Here is the math:

    Screen Shot 2018-01-19 at 11.55.39 AM
  • Awesome! But can we get a recount on "Meet Her At The Cantina"? I think we might be joint winners ;)
  • Thanks for checking @yoof, I totally missed someone's votes!

    We have 2 winners:

    Congrats to both @Quarantequatre with Meet Her at the Cantina, and @yoof with the crows witnessed!

    Screen Shot 2018-01-19 at 12.50.22 PM
  • Woohoo!! Super happy to have got joint first place with my creepy horror soundtrack. Hope I didn't creep you all out. My wife and son refuse to listen to it, hehe.

    Thanks @Edzilla - that was a great brief. Cool battle everyone.

    @quarantequatre, let's catch up and dream up the next battle :)
  • Yeah, congratulations @yoof and @quarantequatre !!!
    And thanks again @Edzilla for such an inspiring brief :)
    Can’t wait for the next one :D
  • Yeah ! Very happy too ! And more than happy to make a battle rules with @yoof !

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    Hey thanks for the votes @bradthedesigner @yoof @ghostly606 . I lost track of voting on this one. Was planning on sitting down and listening to them all but just didn't get around to it in time :( busy time of the year and all that
    Awesome battle challenge though.
    Will have a listen through now though, the ones I have listened to were all really good
  • Congrats to the victors! Everyone was super dope.
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    Ok just to add my votes (even though its too late)

    Every track was quality, so much fantastic stuff!

    My winner:
    @kohlberg - Almost Never - This is my winner, instantly head nodding to this.. Then those pitched up vocal came in. Yes!! Very Blockhead type vibe on this one..

    All considered as winner:

    @kohlberg - Here's The Thing - right up my alley soundwise, really enjoyed this!
    Clean production also..

    @yoof - Brussel Sprouts - Sounds amazing for OP1! so clean and heavy. Top marks for production. Great glitchy beat.

    @yoof - Spinning Bird Kick - HAH this is dopeness.. so good man! the bass at the end A+

    @kohlberg - CWO Tipping - Another track with a clean heavy sound.. Loved the clearness of this mix and the beat of course :)

    @Bradthedesigner - All Is Lost - epic wall of sounds.. very nice melody

    @dj_KLN - OP's choice - So good again as all yours were.

    @onidon - Looping cans - Oh yes! great one :)

  • Whoah @MirEko! Much appreciated. :) love blockhead
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