Battle 51 – One-Minute Wonders

edited December 2017 in Battles

With all the holiday travel and parties over the next month, I want to make it more manageable for everybody to get something entered into this battle.

Battle 51 Rules:

You may enter up to (5) One-Minute songs. Please keep them as close as possible to one minute - not 30 seconds and not 2 minutes. You can enter just one song, or up to 5, but they will all be judged on their own merits (basically your songs would battle each other, as well as all the other entries). Enter each song with a unique title, soundcloud track and picture, and post. Voting will be on the individual entry, not the artist. You don't need to hold them all and submit at the same time - enter them whenever you complete them.

No other limitations beyond the usual rules... You can use anything you want, internal or external, but everything must be recorded and mixed in OP1. No post-processing.

Deadline is one month from tomorrow or 5/1/2018 (European Date Format)

Here are some ideas that might help you come up with a one-minute masterpiece:

Make a jingle - My friend just reminded me that The Residents made "The Commercial Album" using one-minute songs.

Make a few pieces that are all related to each other in some way.

Try to create a super-efficient song with a traditional song structure (verse/chorus/verse)

Try to make the catchiest hook possible without worrying about how to turn it into a 4-minute song.

Take a section of another song you made and just scratch, tape trick, and effect the hell out of it.

Have fun and happy Holidays!



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