Does my official OP-1 Case fit wrong?

So I ordered the official case for the op-1, but it seems like the fit is off...the unit doesn't seem to sit completely inside of the foam part on the bottom.  It's like the foam part isn't quite wide enough...which leads to the op-1 sliding down and pushing against the zipper when stored vertically in my backpack.  Anyone else have this issue?  Did I get a defective case?  


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    Hi rprprprp
    I don't think you have a defective case, I have the same "issue". You need to wiggle the OP-1 into the case. Sometimes pull the foam parts out on all 4 sides/corners to press it in. Once in, the foam part covers the sides of the OP entirely and it sits very nice and secure. The elastics are not pressing down on any buttons just lightly touching them.
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    Hey @Woozle,
    Thanks for the reply. That's kind of what I've been doing, I can get the OP to fit in there if I stretch the sides, but it doesn't seem to stay in the foam depression when I have the case in my backpack, mainly because the depression seems too small, which was why I thought mine might be defective. Seems like a design flaw from a company that generally thinks its designs through pretty well I thought...
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    This is mine, fitting perfectly. I should add that I've always put my OP-1 in that case whenever I'm not using it, so maybe it has grown to fit over the years.
  • quick update....I ordered a new case to see if there was a defect in mine.  The new case fits perfectly, turns out the old one was a dud!
  • rprprprp: I am having the exact same issue. Bought one 3 years ago and it fit perfectly, but was recently stolen. Ordered a new case from Sweetwater and it was too small. Exchanged it for another one from Sweetwater and that one is too small as well.
    Where did you end up purchasing the correctly sized case from?
  • I am having the same problem. The foam cutout that came pre-packaged is less wide by about 7mm. The rigid foam is barely moveable. Has anyone worked out a fix besides "just squeeze it in" or "make it work", this is not what I expected since a lot of reviews said it was "perfect"
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    @rprprprp, @aftzptrck@tmeb

    I just ordered one off amazon and received it today... it has the exact same issue. I'm going to get an exchange from the same merchant and hope that the next one will be better. Let's keep each other posted!

    Edit: I'm new to this forum and don't know how to tag names.

  • Just got my op-1 and case from Guitar Center, same issue, the OP-1 will not fit inside the case.
  • Same problem for me, it fits just as poorly as in the first pic. Bought it from a Swedish music store. Must be a whole batch of defective ones I guess. 
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    I had the Same issue and took it up with Teenage Engineering sent Pics and Video of the Manufacturing Fault they Refunded me in full including Postage for the case, They are Aware of this issue and will fully refund you in full if you bought it Directly from Teenage Engineering. if you got it elsewhere take it back to the shop you bought it from and get the Shop to Apply for the Refund,  and I got to keep the Defective case as well as I asked who was going to Pay for the Return Shipping they Refused to pay for the return Shipping and said Keep it, They do NOT have any cases left in stock and Said they will Notify me when they did.
  • Just to chime in, I also received my case today, and it does not fit either. Same problem as has been mentioned. Also, I'm not too confident about the protection, as you can easily press the buttons of the knobs through the case. A potential shock or side impact, in other words, is transferred directly onto the knobs. Will exchange and try to find something more sturdy.
  • aftzptrck I had bought my defective one from B&H photo, and I bought my good one from them also.  1st one was definitely a defect, because the second one fit great.  I was able to convince them to pay for the return shipping because it was defective.  Seems like I may have lucked out on getting the well fitting one though.  @justice I ended up buying a decksaver as well, just for that reason.  It fits great inside the official case (at least my second one anyway) and gives me piece of mind about the knobs.
  • Same issue for me. Official case was ordered from Amazon as a Christmas gift. Lo and behold, doesn't fit. 

    Pretty poor considering it is a £60 case. Very shoddy. Also, no way it is worth £60. It's pretty thin tbh, and I wouldn't even consider it without a Decksaver. 

    I've seen people saying "I have no issue spending £60 to protect my £700 device" and While I totally agree with that, the official case, at that price point, should offer much better protection than that. 

     I'm looking at *better alternatives. 
  • I also have this problem.
  • Identical issue with case bought last week from b&h, had the same case last year which fit with no issues.
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    I just received a new case from MeMeAntenna's Reverb page.  It fits perfectly.  Good price too at $44 ($39 + $5 shipping).
  • same here, TE legit case from Sweetwater, no likey kuz no fitty.
    Purchased the awesome case from reverb (MEMEAntenna) & its even better. Strap included and large zippered pouch built in. Perfect fit and nicely made too. Stiffer than the TE version. and Cheaper.

    no Brainer.
  • I ended up buying this case after reading the reviews saying recent versions of the official case weren’t fitting:
  • I ended up buying this case after reading the reviews saying recent versions of the official case weren’t fitting:
    How do you like that case so far? Do you have a Decksaver? If so, does the OP1 fit w/ said Decksaver?

    I bought a used OP and it came with the TE case. The unit fit decently, but I found with the Decksaver it fits perfectly. Little to no movement. I'm not really impressed with the accessories pouch, though.
  • I just ordered it, I haven’t received it yet. I don’t have a deck saver (I just ordered my op-1 too)
  • Getting a new one today, crossing my fingers that it'll fit the OP-1 this time. Got to keep the defective one too, so now I have to find some other expensive piece of gear to put in that one...
  • FWIW, +1 on the MeMe case. Perfect fit, huge accessories pocket and dig the shoulder strap. If anyone is looking for an alt case, recommended.
  • Another +1 on the MeMeAntenna case.  I've had the camouflage one for a while but also felt weird because it sort of looks like it could be a gun case.  So, I've ordered a navy blue one off of MeMe's site.  Hopefully it'll be exact same as the cami case.

     Anyone need a cami OP-1 case?  :)
  • Same as @rprprprp that case does not fit the OP-1. 0/10 do not purchase.
  • Another +1 on the MeMeAntenna case.  I've had the camouflage one for a while but also felt weird because it sort of looks like it could be a gun case.  So, I've ordered a navy blue one off of MeMe's site.  Hopefully it'll be exact same as the cami case.

     Anyone need a cami OP-1 case?  :)
    Hi! I'd buy it. How much are you asking for....and would you ship to Japan?
  • I contacted Unit Portables customer service to see if they were aware of the issue/if they would replace the case with one that would fit. They said to return the product, but they also said they were going to follow up with the manufacturer in China.

    Must be at some point the case had specs change with the foam lining, making the border too thick. I would not recommend repurchasing until Unit Portables corrects the issue and gets the bad cases off retailers shelves.

    After looking around I stumbled upon this padded cordura tool bag with exactly the right length... Overall padding is somewhat lighter, but makes up for the proper fit. And build quality is on par

    Plus it's under USD $15 from Amazon or Home Depot.
  • Nice. That looks like it'll fit my Roli keyboard, too. Thanks for the link!

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