Pocket operators sync with ipad

Maybe this is the wrong forum because the problem might be more ipad related. But I'll just try if anyone here knows how to solve it.
I have 2 po:s that I wany to sync and jam with my ipad instruments. The instruments are load in AUM. I sampled the po sync click so I can loop the sync click from AUM and make it act as a po. That way I can start the pos and the ipad instruments at the same time with the same timing.
The output of the last po is connected to an audio interface so I can record everything.

My problem is that the output of the ipad contains both the click and the audio of the ipad instruments so I cant record the audio of the instruments Incan only record the audio of the pos.

So basically my question is is there a way to sync the pos with the ipad using AUM as host for ipad instruments and also record the output of all audio?
English is not my native language so my description may not be clear but I hope I explained my problem good enough. Thanks


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