Canapé Cosmique - Weekly Radio Show on Pigalle Paris Radio

Hi all, 

I've been doing these mixtapes for a little more than a year now, more or less once a week on Pigalle Paris Radio. 

The concept of the show is mostly music to listen to on a Sunday morning when you head somewhat hurts from the day before and you're a bit tired so you lie down on your sofa right after you woke up -just because- and put on a pair of cans on your head and zone out for an hour. 

So as you may have guess there's a lot of ambient, (modular) synth and texture laden tunes, with a good dose of psychedelics for good mesure. It's not limited to that, and you'll find the occasional cheesy 80's pop song or acid techno tune in there too. Mostly, it's a reflection of what I listen to at the moment. 

Tune in here for live :
Lost of other good shows here :

It's on instagram too :

Thanks a lot, I will upload this thread every week, let me know what you think if you listen to it ! 




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