Battle 49 : “The Tale of the Tortoise and the Hare” - VOTING

So here we are. After one month, only three challengers managed to find their way through time and space, and delivered the three following tracks.
It took me 5 days, 11 hours and 18 minutes to take the time to set this discussion, I am so very sorry. I've had a lot of trouble with time lately...

Please have a listen and choose one and only track. Winner will set the tone for the 50th Operator Battle !


  • @yoof, I think it's you that host operator-1 soundcloud account, don't you ?
    Would you mind creating a playlist with these tracks and set this thread as sticky, please ?

  • Oops sorry, I meant to do this while at my computer today. Will do it soon, promise!
  • Both @skoddie's and @jshell's tracks are super intensive and fun. After a few listens of each, I think my vote goes to @skoddie. It was like driving on a highway alongside an assortment of fantastic percussion instruments/cars. =) But it was a close call, thoroughly enjoyed @jshell's crazy free-jazzy track as well!

  • I'm going to throw in my vote for @jshell, what a wild ride!
  • I suggest we vote until 22:22 on Oct. 22...
  • My vote goes to @jshell ;

    That track caused some vivid mental tangents. 

    Really enjoyed all three tracks. The tape-freetime thing was an excellent element in this challenge. I wish I wasn't so damn busy between my band and work responsibilities... Some day! 
  • So far it's only the participants who have voted? I can't choose!

    @skoddie's is so nice and noisy and makes me think of something like The Hafler Trio and The Sons of God 'Resurrection', "a piece for two actors, six cookers, crockery, six baths". Very much in my noisy/installation/underground-unusual-music distillery and boat house.

    @vehka's got some great low tones and very clean drums amonst the wavy warped tapes and vinyl grooves and I'm really fascinated at that mix of clean and warped. And the places where left and right sides separate they still maintain a good communication. Even though the whole thing sounds like the soundtrack to a slow and anxious drug trip.


    As there are only two that aren't mine, and I've only got one vote... I really like them both, but @vehka wins it in a quantum finish.
  • My vote for @vekha too! Like the neverending snorkel :-) also a cool picture!
  • I suggest we vote until 22:22 on Oct. 22...
    Love this!
    As I failed in participating to battle 49, I will find time to listen and vote :)
  • Really enjoyed these three tracks.
    These battles are so interesting, when the brief is set and then we get back this collection of music all hitting with a mind collective type vibe.
    This battle gave us the weirdest style yet - which is great. Just imagine heads on sound cloud trying to get their heads around it, while here - it makes perfect sense. This music was showing off styles that only the op-1 can do.
    My vote must go to @vehka. Really loved that track. Hints of SAW volume 1 Afx..but let's not compare.
    Could hear the Hare & Tortoise through out all three tracks, well done guys.
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    Wow this is extremely hard to judge.
    @skoddie, you got that industrial noise that made me travel back in 2000 while watching Björk playing in Lars Von Trier's Dancer in the Dark...
    This movie is still very special to me, it's the first that really twisted my heart this much, I was crying while laughing at the end of the movie. Your track reminds me that raw emotional state, in my twenties, when I suddenly let my tears go and I couldn't stop, while feeling so god about this emotion flowing out of me.

    @jshell you got it mate, two separate channels setting their own twisted mood... I hear some 60's jazz drums, 70's FXed guitars, you summon some music from the past somehow, it's sick what you put in it. I like it !

    @vehka With your track I'm clearly watching the movie, JF Lelièvre and Hans Igel in split screen, unified by the beat that gives some coherence to the time turbulences...

    For some time I was really afraid the bar had been set a bit too high, or that the brief was not attractive enough...
    Besides I am very sad that I couldn't get to an end with my own track, but my personal life would fit this Battle quite good these days :D

    You really played the game, as uneasy it could be ! I am very grateful to the three of you !
    And I must confess I am quite glad that this Battle turned out this experimental: this echoes my own musical activity from this last month, (even if the brief had been set before)... Touches me in its own particular way, like when life winks at you...

    My vote goes to @jshell for really fitting what I had in mind, and even going above it.
    Weird to vote for one of the curators, but, well, it's the result of space-time twisting !!!
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    Beware, you have until 22:22 on Oct. 22 to cast your vote.
    The brief for the 50th Battle is at stake !
  • My vote goes to @vehka.
  • My vote goes to @vehka, too!
  • those were all great and a trip but the breakdown 1:36 of venkas was really cool, then the granulated zips and percussion were great.
    My vote to @vehka
  • wow skoddies is crazy! in a good way. Just listening a second time 
  • All great but @vehka wins by a hare's whisker for me.
  • OK so if my counts are correct, we get this :
    @vehka 8 votes
    @skoddie 1 vote
    @jshell 3 votes

    Congratulations to the 3 of you !!!
    @vehka, you have the honor to be the curator for the 50th Battle !
  • Congratulations to the winner @vehka, and kudos to @skoddie and @jshell for participating in the battle. Looking forward to the next battle...
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    Yay! Thanks for all the kind words and votes. =) And thanks to @jshell, @Zach_Lambert and @LyingDalai for organising this one, really loved it!

    I'll muse on the 50th battle rules for a day or two, but I'm pretty certain it'll be something about history or remembrance...
  • Thanks for the kind words all, this was a lot of fun to participate in!
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