erase snapshots !

Is there a way to erase snapshots?  I am trying to get in to using the op-1 ... have watched all the videos TE have put on youtube but still having problems with sample loading etc.  Any suggestions on where to get op-1 knowledge?    Thanks !


  • Just enter disk mode and delete the snapshot files. So you can't do it from OP-1, you need to mount the OP-1 as an USB drive on your computer.
  • thanks vehka....I will give it a go !
  • well looks like I'm screwed !   All hooked up with into disk mode...deleted all snapshot fact deleted everything in synth, drum, album...wanted a fresh go.   I click on the icon that the op-1 generated eject...thinking I did everything correct, went back to the op-1 and the screen has all this weird shit all over it....turned it off, thinking this would re-boot it....NO  now it is just stuck with all this super fine print that I can not read all over the screen and is froze there    WTF !
  • I had that happen. Had to do a factory reset. It was fine after that.
  • okay...figured out to turn on op-1 while holding down .com    this took me to the TE-BOOT v2.13  

    I uploaded firmware and it said to re start....I did, and it still showed up with the same screen that was frozen before....going back in to try again....
  • !!!!!  yeah !   Looks like it is fixed !    I went back to turning back on holding .com    choose the option 7 factory reset....waited a couple minutes and looks like I am back to a clean slate. !
  • It's soo scary when it doesn't play game after some deleting.
    I have managed to kick start with numerous on/off and USB in/out cycles.
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