When is it fully charged?

Hi everyone! I know that I can check the battery level by pressing the HELP button, but this only works when the OP-1 is turned on, not while it's charging. When I charge the OP-1, the battery LEDs all light up one after another, even if I've just started charging, and it was empty. It always goes through all 5 LEDs, including the red one. How do I know when I can disconnect the cable?
Any help is much appreciated! :) 


  • When it's charging the LEDs light up one after another.

    When the OP-1 is fully charged while turned off the lights stops blinking
  • Thanks, I appreciate the info! I'm a bit worried because the OP-1 has been charging for more than 11 hours now, using this USB hub. It's connected to one of the PowerIQ ports (they are dedicated for faster charging).

    I'm sure > 11 hours can't be normal, right? I remember reading 2 hours for a full charge.
  • If the OP-1 works otherwise, then I wouldn't worry too much. Let's just say its OP1nion of the state of its own battery leaves a lot to be desired. Always has been this way.

  • My OP-1 can take 6-7 hours to charge when I use a mac. I usually charge the device when it still has some power left in it, so if your OP-1 is completely empty 11 hours sounds about right I think...

    Charging with apple charger directly from the wall is supposed to be quicker I think
  • Thanks for all the input :) With the apple charger directly from the wall, I've managed to get it fully charged (i.e. all LEDs light up when I press HELP).
  • I usually do 4-5 hours from an old mac book, with op-1 switched on.found the meter too unpredictable when switched off.
  • Late reply, but wanted to mention that I had the same issue with mine - I let it charge overnight and battery meter still reported only half full. I'm pretty sure it needs to be calibrated by letting run ALL the way out of power while using it, then give it a full, uninterrupted charge. Problem is, I have been playing on this little guy off and on for two weeks and the battery just won't die! The battery meter may be finicky, but this is a hell of a battery! I'm sitting here now just letting it loop on a track, still waiting on it to go dark!
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