We Need Nothing to Collide

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So I guess it's been a while since I posted anything to the OP-1 community since I realised this is my first post-ohpeewon discussion!

Anyways just wanted to share with you guys some visual/sound experiments I've been messing around with. First vid features the OP-1 though I'm actually using it as a controller and running all the sounds out of Live (I wish the dials gave MIDI output when in regular synth mode!) The second vid shows where the project went next in collaboration with a couple of friends.


  • The second video is puzzling me
    It looks like a video projector was used but i believe it's not the case, probably some video editing voodoo?
    please explain !

    Anyway nicely done 
  • Nope, all in-camera! It is just a projector running off the laptop as you mentioned. Thanks :)
  • where can i get it?

  • @markeats ;

    wow even better !
    you must have some kick ass projector to have such clear colours in daylightt 
    i'm jealous    
  • Yes, I want that projector! What kind is? And is it insanely expensive?
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    The projector is fairly powerful but not crazy, around 5000 lumen. It's not really daylight though – one of the trickiest things was timing everything to shoot just after the sun has set but before it's totally dark. It's basically perfect for about 15mins.

    It's one of these, running off a car via jumper cables and an invertor for most locations: http://www.projectorcentral.com/Vivitek-D965.htm
  • The video is fantastic btw!! SUper awesome that it is done in-camera!!
  • good times :D
  • The part where line started to fly in faux-3d space was surreal. Great video.
  • Fantastic video and music, and very creative!
  • Video link is gone :'(
  • Video link is gone :'(
    Video links are still there.
    Make sure it is not your browser blocking the loading of the videos.
    If you are using chrome, look at the right side of the url box and you'll find an icon warning you about unsafe scripts
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    Vimeo embeds appear to be using Flash. I can't see them either. I wonder if it's a forum issue, since YouTube embeds just fine.

    Here they are as links, since embeds are weird (on desktop at least)

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