Battle 48: That's strange!

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Okay, first let’s set the deadline for this battle: It’s August, 24th !!! Why? Because it’s...


Yes, this battle will be all about strange music. F**k music theory, forget listening habits. Break common producing patterns. Go beyond, go crazy! The stranger, the better!

Here are the rules:

Everything is allowed. Use internal and external sound sources, import and export, record forward or backward (or both), tweak and bounce as you wish, re-invent and recycle.

But the one golden battle rule remains: the whole thing should be mainly OP-1 centered. Final mixing and recording must be done in-the-box.

Feel free to share your thoughts, intentions and techniques in a brief comment when submitting your entry.

FINAL NOTE: Due to the special day there will be NO DEADLINE EXTENSION this time! It's August, 24th!

I’m really looking forward to listen to the craziest stuff ever.


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  • Fun! Linear drumming, here I come. 
  • Yes! Sounds great! I'll be on vacation in August, but I hope I'll manage to upload something from an Internet café! Awesome idea, motone!
  • Cool, this could be sth for me, thanks!
  • Never heard of 'strange music day' before, sounds like a good day :) will try to hand something in for this one.
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    @Callofthevoid Me neither, but for inspiration I just looked up the "Days Of The Year" around the predicted deadline... and there it was. :)
  • What's "strange" ?
    I wouldn't know how to make music that feels not from me.
    Unless it's automatically generated...

    Something with OP-1 + Digitakt comes to mind....
  • What's "strange" ?
    That's up to your own interpretation... 
  • I think strange is just normal here ; )
  • Strange as stranger, like what's outside of me, my knowledge, my own sensibility.
    Have to change my way of working on this one ^^
  • I'm reminded of the old H.P. Lovecraft quote: "That is not dead which can eternal lie. And with strange aeons even death may die."

    Anyway, I'm bummed that I skipped the last one and will participate in this one for sure! =)

  • That's a cool quote!
    Would be cool with you on board like in the good old days :-)
  • Strange can become the new normal :D
  • Already experimented with some custom scales last night. Planning to sample one into the drum synth. =)

    Yeah @mixrasta I suppose we're starting to be the old Battle-farts around here, eh? =) But I didn't participate right from the start, maybe from around 6th or 7th though, dunno...
  • 3 weeks to go!
  • Buddy I've got my head ,ahem, where it shouldn't be. Would love to take part - l love the brief . But...
  • I love the one rule to rule them all
    Do anything - but it must be OP-1 centred .
  • Buddy I've got my head ,ahem, where it shouldn't be. Would love to take part - l love the brief . But...
    So six minutes of silence it is. On four tracks. In full stereo.
  • feeling positively strange. 

  • technique-wise i just played with some records and sampled that shit. all the drums are from the drum presets that came with the last SW update. no drum breaks came from samples. i was trying to just follow the flow of playing some of the internal kits, and grabbing some samples while matching the groove. definitely some nice internal drums to mess with!

    but this positive thinking record just fit so well over it, i got all Nike on this shit and was like just "do it" 

    Zombie Cat image is reflective. trying to get at this shit er'day. let's do it.
  • @Kln Excellent sound as always!  :)

    Here my entry:

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    Rainy days here in France... Weird mood, good time to come up with a track for the battle :)

    PO-16 and PO-14 were recorded in OP-1 : first time I solely played them freely, without loops... I discovered amazing sounds !!
    I also sampled a bit of radio directly from the OP-1, came across a cool drum solo, such luck ;)

  • Hooray, three entries already.

    15 days left!
  • I let Twin Peaks take care of the weirdness for me. Just had some funny fiddling a weird quote. Couldn't bring myself to get atonal.
  • ...8
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