problems moving patches to OP1 - please help

Hi all 

I have a problem which is probably a noob question with a really simple solution that i am just overlooking:

I have found the "new" patches in the custom firmware tread and have successfully moved the Synth patches to a "iter" folder. 
But the drum patch with "filter" effect won't copy properly, so some help trouble shooting would be much appreciated. 
what i do is: 

SHIFT+COM , then "3" disk mode and then connect the USB cable 

I open the finder and create a subfolder in the "drum" folder on the OP1 labelled "filter" and copy the patch "drum_filter_patch.aif" into the folder. 

I now choose to safely remove hardware, and once windows says i'm good to go i pull the cable.... then nothing happens, the OP1 is stuck in COM/DISK mode. and when i restart then the copied patch is not loaded.

Any help would be appreciated

Very best Johan 


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