MIDI Keys to pair with OP-1 and ableton, looking for advice

Dear All,
I'm looking for advice on midi-keyboard to pair with op-1 (daw:ableton), something at least 49keys, up to approx. 300€, own arp / drum presents are nice to have as well as easy plug n play with ableton/op-1. I also may go with something cheaper if the value for money is good. 
So far, I limited endless opportunities to:

- Korg Triton taktile 49 - like the kaos-like-pad, arp, design (thin sides), afraid of configuration with ableton/op-1 (iconnect4+ needed?)
- Akai MPK 249
- Novation Impulse 61
- Arturia KeyLab 49

other models I was looking at:

- M-Audio Oxygen 49 Mk4
- M-Audio Code 49
- Alesis Q49 Keyboard Controller
- Nektar Impact LX49+

Any experience with connecting mentioned keys with op-1 and/or ableton? 
Which one seems to be the best pick (main midi keys for production)?
Any other models I should look at?

Many thanks for any suggestions and let the good vibes be with you!


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    49 might not be enough for your main keyboard. I'm not able to actually properly play a keyboard but even then I sometimes wish for more range on my Impact 61. The keyboard itself is OK value for money I think. Go check the keys out though, might not be the feel thatt you're looking for.
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    thanks @crudeoperator, good point!

    I looked for 61 versions - seems that most of keys listed above are present in this size.
    Also found new add-ons:
    - ControlKey from Swissonic
    - Korg A500 Pro
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    it ended up with Keystation 88 as main keyboard 
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