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While I only bought this a few weeks ago – thinking it's an amazing synth, having tons of possibilities just on its own, or as the heart of a eurorack modular setup – having one did remind me that I have been meaning to save up for a Sub 37, which is the synth I really, really want.

So, a bit reluctantly, but commonsensically, I am considering selling it for £420, including shipping. PayPal friends/family preferred method of payment (or seller pays PayPal fees if normal PayPal payment). UK only.

It includes original packaging, manual, 10 Moog patch cables and power adapter (lightly engraved with "Moog M32" on the side for easy identification).

Testing with a tuner, I found the oscillator to have excellent tuning
stability almost from the minute it was switched on, which is quite
impressive for an analogue synth.

It has only seen a few hours of use both with a previous owner and with me, and is still in pretty much as new with no signs of use. And, to those for whom it matters: it has only been in smoke-free homes.

I'm an eBay buyer and seller since 2003 with 135 all positive ratings:,
and I have a feedback from buying this very synth here at

Thanks for looking.


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