Battle 43 - Battle for Unity! - Voting

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Battle #43 was the first battle for half of the participants, it seems : welcome, friends !

Here is the united track from the 10+2 submissions...

Thank you @yoof for gathering all the tracks in a playlist :D

Here are the 10 submissions + 2 bonus tracks I listed. Guys tell me if I missed a track !

Bonus tracks : (not included in the voting list)



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    looks like you missed mine perhaps?

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    I would like to vote for Canar Batar that track is a real ear worm and have found myself randomly humming it since I heard it,

  • @borden yes indeed, my bad : fixed !
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    Please @canar_batar@blabux@quarantequatre@Frank_Lee@Edzilla@himrod, would you mind sending me a link towards the .aif or .wav version of your track ?
    I'd like to mix them altogether (or let @himrod or @Konst do it if they want to, let me know guys).
    Better do it with the high quality track than a 128k mp3...

    Thx !
    @yoof thx for making the thread sticky.
    As soon as you get the playlist done you may edit my post and paste the link right before track #1, if you want.
  • I'm gonna send it to you tonight @LyingDalai :)
  • No probs... will get it up today at some point @LyingDalai... bit of a busy day at work today ;-)
  • I hope I'll also have mine finished until tonight like @44...
  • @mixrasta no problem mate !

    But note that @quarantequatre sent his track on time : he was just talking about the .aif version of it ;)

    Please don't let it discourage you to finish your track, I'd be glad to add it to the list !
  • @mixrasta : added !
    Could you please provide me a link to your .aif file for the final united mix ?
    Thx !
  • Yeah, there's super tracks once again !
  • Hey my friend don't forget to send your .aif while you're at it !!!
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    Great tracks !

    @Roborob : thanks, your comment gave me a smile i don't have usually on mondays :) 
  • Here's the playlist:

  • Thanks @yoof !

    For my part I'm gonna vote for @motone ! Such a great track, love it. Very nice progression and so clean ! Bass is perfect, and the rythm is Italo 90 Dope !
    It clearly makes me want to move :)

    I'm gonna take some time later to comment all the entries
  • De rien, de rien ;)
  • quarantequatre's track best. Cool chord progression, love all the warbly synths, the backwards cymbals sound great. Altogether very well done! 

    Two close runners up:
    @edzilla, I always like how your tracks turn the corner a few times
    @Motone, thank you for reminding me about Italo Guy.
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    I'm still missing your original .aif file for the united track !!
    Would you please mind sending me a link so that I don't have to extract a poor 128k mp3 file out from SC ?
  • Added the final mix.

    Enjoy !!
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    I tagged the above united mix so that you can listen to it, find your favorite moment, and retrieve the operator :)
    Voting made easier ;)
  • i vote for @borden. I really liked the track and it is in the same mood as the intro sample. 
    i like the united mix (bonus included), it really give the feeling of a collective work/play. 
    I'm already waiting the next battle.

    Some short comments : 
    @blabux : some nice sounds here. 
    @borden : you have my vote ;)
    @quarantequatre : crazy sounds, crazy synth, crazy track
    @mrbernard : nice sounds, clean mix
    @Frank_Lee :  your priest looks real
    @Edzilla : cool track and cool picture (AI ?) and really cool soundcloud
    @Roborob : good use of the intro sample, cool track
    @Motone : nice choice of sample, great track
    @mixrasta : cool and positive vibes
    @himrod : so much energy 
    @LyingDalai : one of my favorite track
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    @canar_batar < @Roborob
    @borden < @quarantequatre, @canar_batar

    Only 3 votes so far :(
    @himrod / @Konst I suggest we let the votes open for a week, until Sunday ! This way we have a chance to have a new brief for the holidays...
    People please take the time to let a few words and your choice in this thread !

    Thank you !!!
  • I count 4 votes:
    @canar_batar: 1 (from Roborob)
    @motone: 1 (from quarantequatre - thanks!;) )
    @quarantequatre: 1 (from borden)
    @borden: 1 (from canar_batar)

    I couldn't decide yet, all entries are awesome in their own way. Gotta listen some more times.
  • Oh so very sorry @Motone ! Seems I always miss something !
    Plus I exchanged @borden's vote for my pal @44...
    Damn, shouldn't do this before coffee...
    Thank you for your two corrections, friend.

    And yes, I have trouble choosing as well ^^

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    Thank you @borden, @LyingDalai & @Frank_Lee, you're skylighters, you made my day !
  • Hey I haven't voted yet :D
    I said "note that @quarantequatre..."

    Still, always happy to light your sky pal :D
  • Lol ok, that's a misunderstanding then @LyingDalai !
    "Plus I exchanged @borden's vote for my pal @44..." make me think you voted for me ^^
  • Oops no it was me figuring I had been messing with the counts... Could have been clearer I reckon ^^
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    A journey thru Synthesis:

    The journey begins with @canar_batar's tack 'Union b43' . The trains shutters through dark tunnels. RichardDJames clocks the locomotive's engine with his Lowpassometer.
    At around 2000m under the earth's surface the train abruptely stops finding himself in between a group of dwolves craving the mountain with their little dustbins.Good sounds with the swordfights @blabux.
     But then a bigger being appears ( @borden ) and drills straight forward through the stone, almost machinery must this the be'es...until...again the Dalai's horns singing and @quarantequatre takes the initiative, sending a higher goodess to get the job done after the dwolves were knocking at her gate. She's dancing with detuned worms to manage this job. We're coming closer to the center of the big ball, the so called earth. It#s getting drastic!
    We need a break from all the exhaustivities, someone is playing a tiny instrument and the pacmen having their digital lunchbreak. But we don't have any time to waste. Forward! Thanks for empowering the team @mrbernard
    We are entering the foreroom of a temple from ancient times, behind the door you can hear the chaos. Someone calls the demons with his cellphones. Guess what? They don't pick up @Frank_Lee
    @Edzilla's clearing up the scene. Swordfights again...a chase!
    Robot @Roborob appears on the scene. Will he resist the storms of hell?  A beam of light pulls him under water of a black lake. Nothing no more!
    Silence...But wait, suddenly we are hearing discosounds. Down here? This must be the 80's, no it's House, but that started back then as well. ''Everybody is on the disco train''. It's getting closer to our destination by the help of @Motone.
    First stop: lounge with me, a cigarette a glass of wine und weiter geht's!
    Wait! Is this the goal? All the sweat and tears for a cheesy chillout? Probably not;
    A gallery around the corner, an atrium and two cool Swingbands with synthesis:
    Voila! Old friends to see: @Himrod and @LyingDalai are performing for the audience!

    I t   c a n' t   g e t   b e t t e r   t h a n   t h i s  ! !

    My beer for @quarantequatre
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