PO-24 low output level


I am new to this community, yesterday I received my new PO-12 and PO-24. The output level on the PO-12 is really high, in fact the PO-12 did restart a couple of times when max volume (16) (May be some sort of protection)

 However the output level of the PO-24 is very low in comparison; I would say it has half the power. The PO-12 at volume setting 7 is like the PO-24 at volume setting 16 (max)

May I have a defective unit or is this the normal behaviour? 



  • For me it's the same. I ve the PO 20, 24 and 28 .. and the PO 24 is like half the volume of the other two. No idea whether it is supposed to be like this, but I know what you are talking about.

    have a good evening.
  • Hi, I have PO 14, 24, 28. PO 28 Robot has half of the volume compared to Arcade and Sub. Should I return it back?
  • Some of the sounds of my PO-28 Robot also makes clicks on the beginnings and noise at the ends. It's easy to here on the sound 4 and 12 in solo mode. Is it normal?
  • @Boraboras Can you post an audio recording?
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