Sync between Korg DS10 (on Nintendo DS) and PO-20?

How would I go about syncing these two, and is it even possible?


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    u might be able to create/send a click track of eighth notes from the DS10 and pan it hard left and send to the PO via the headphone output. 
    mess around w/ the sound and see if you can get the PO to recognize it as a click.  
    a short loud pulse should be a good start.

    you would lose a sound channel & a synth or drum voice tho on the ds10.

    i think theres no link port on the DS.  i've seen some ppl have tried to sync DS via the wifi (not specifically PO).
  • I'll try that. which sync mode should I place the OP-20 into?
  • Try this, instead of Monotribe connect PO, set sync mode on PO to SY2

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    Do I need to split the stereo from the DS10 into two mono as suggested in the video? I only have the DS10 and the PO-20.

    I create the click track, press play on both and I hear nothing from the DS10 (as expected) but nothing on the PO-20 either when it's in SY2 mode. Should I hear the PO-2O? Should there be an indicator on the PO-2O when it picks up the sync signal?
  • yes i think the am/pm blinks with the clicks.  something blinks.  

    i think you want SY4 mode which allows you to hear the PO, and the input ring or usually the red (right) side on the PO output.

    u would want to pan left your click track on the ds10, and then any sounds you want to mix on pan to the right.

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    I've been unsuccessful.

    Some else has tried, but I see no sync here

  • Hey I tried, the click track sent by DS-10/DSN-12 can be recognized by KORG Volca Key, but cannot by PO..

    I suppose TE's PO has more stricter demand on Clock track signals.

    I have emailed the support team to hear them advice..

    If possible, we can sync up many POs wirelessly thru DS-10's multi-player mode.

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