PO-20 sound 3 drawning/cancelling out sound 1?

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Any one with a PO-20 can test this? is this normal?
In live and patched, playing sound 1 and 3 together, results in just sound 3.
No other sounds playing just #1 and #3.
Very strange.
Still not a deal breaker for me, as it's the only combination it does this on.


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    So far as I can see, some sounds don't coexist.

    There are other examples.

    #3 overrides #1 as you say (except the other way around)
    #8 overrides #3

  • Hi CB,
    ah.. Yes, I meant #3 overriding #1
    I thought it was just me, kind of a shame :/

    On mine and to my ears, I can hear both #8 and #3 together
    I went through patching 4 sounds each line, and played over the 16 sounds, four times.. I could only find 3 cancelling 1 out.

    There should be a wiki on this site :P

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