PO 20 Chords info

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I just bought my first PO/TE device, it's very cool :)
Just wondering about the chords on it, the manual is here: http://www.cheapmonday.com/pocket-operators-themes/uploads/2016/01/PO-20-manual.pdf

chord 1-16
1. dm
2. em
3. Esus
4. E
5. F
6. G
7. C/G
8. E/G#
9. am
10. C/A
11. dm/A
12. D/A
13. A
14. B/A
15. C
16. D

I'm not a musician, but I like to tinker :)
So, I have some pretty simple questions:
#1 What tune/scale/mode is this device?
#2 Why is there no B but a B/A?
#3 I'm guessing this is the F major scale/ key intervals?

It's the only one without a B major that makes sense to me.

#4 Anyone know the logic of the ordering on the 8*8 grid is?
Edit: Oh I see the logic after thinking about #6

#5 The lower case m, I assume it's minor chords and the capital's are majors

#6 regarding the dm to dm/A and D to D/A what's the /A part?
From my testing it sounds like /A plays A in the pattern with whatever chords

Cheers and thanks for any info.


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