Anyone heard of the new standalone MPC Live & MPCX?



  • Dam, I have spent all this time talking myself (and the wife) into an OP-1 and this had to happen. Always wanted an MPC. These look sick, can't imagine them together.

    I'll let you know!
  • Anyone know what length of samples these can handle? Have read it on any threads I've read yet.

    Are there any touch mpc users in here?

    Does anyone use there's for non hiphop or dance stuff? Would the workflow be suitable for say Boards of Canada type stuff or similar. IE long passages Of keyboard samples with your beat making arranged around it.
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    ^samplers are suited for whatever sounds you put in them...

    also i thought i read something about handicaps when u are going standalone as opposed to plugged into the computer.
    like track limits or something.

    i do like standalone mpcs again but i'll always wait and see w/ akai.  all they've really done is post some basic specs so far.

    can't believe how big these things are either.  the live is quite a bit bigger than an elektron box for comparison.  
    thats pretty big to me kinda puts a damper on the portability thing.
  • ^ I guess I was more getting at how long the samples it could handle than its suitably for a type of genre. As in are they just suited to small sample loops and one shots. Poorly phrased by me.
  • any word on whether these units can re-sample their own output? 

    I'd assume so when offline, as it's a pretty staple feature of the MPCs now... but whilst the sequencer is running? 

    or is that domain left solely to the octatrack... ?

    definitely very interested in these - i love my 1000 but i could be convinced to update...
  • Live is possibly the box I've been waiting for last couple of years. Getting cash together in prep of full reviews/decent videos..
  • Here are some pics that I found on Elektronauts (credits : @Mokomo)
  • hey nice! thats some good size comparison
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