A few select items ready for a new home....(ALL SOLD!)

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I've accumulated quite a bit of gear and recently have found my niche in modular combined with a couple of my favourite synths.

For that reason I'm going to let a few things go:

From the Elektron stable I have for sale:

Analog Keys.....This still has over 2 years warranty and is in excellent condition, box included
Price £750 plus delivery

Analog Rytm......Again over 2 years warranty and in excellent condition, box included
Price £800 plus delivery

Monomachine.....A bit reluctant to part with this but I'm really only using it for effects, its the plus drive model, comes boxed. Bought a few months ago so it's immaculate.
Price £695 plus delivery

From Moog I have for sale...

Sub 37, I'm only selling this as I have a Minimoog Model D ordered which may(or may not as they keep moving the date) be arriving in the next few weeks.
It's in mint condition and a really tweakable and great sounding synth. Box included.
Price £895 plus delivery

Contact me via Pm if interested :)


  • PM'd. Dibbs on the Sub. :)
  • @Daisy good luck with sales, PM me if you are getting rid of the Shared Gold! (I'm being cheeky)
    Free bump
  • @Daisy good luck with sales, PM me if you are getting rid of the Shared Gold! (I'm being cheeky)
    Free bump

    Ha Ha thanks, I have a feeling the Shared Gold will be around for a very long time :)
  • Ugh. Good prices.. I'd be down for the rytm but not poss atm. Good luck with the sales tho. Keep us updated with what's still available.

  • Yeah I always price realistically, I always believe if you're fair life treats you fair :)
  • Hey @Daisy, how much would cost shipping to France (42000 St Etienne) for the AK ?
    Your price is unbelievably good, may be time to swap the A4 for an AK...
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    Holy Moly!
    Temptation but the wife would kill me ;)

    Where are you based @Daisy ?
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    I'm based in the UK, I've had pretty solid interest in the Keys and Rytm and am just waiting for final confirmation. If i dont hear anything by tonight then they are still up for grabs. I should be able to post them to Europe for about £30 trackable delivery.

    I Suppose with the weak pound they are pretty appealing to those outside the UK.

    Ill leave it to the member here who is going to buy the Sub37 to break the news so I don't steal their thunder ;)
  • For £808 I send you the money for the AK right now through Paypal !

    Let me know if/when you're interested :)
  • Pfft! Yeah I had a clearout recently and most of my stuff went to France and Spain! Euro is realyl strong against the pound - but I did end up getting good prices for stuff but I think the buyers got amazing deals!

    Will keep my eye on this thread. 
    A RYTM or a new laptop is needed ;)

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    Well suprisingly everything is now sold. I've been trying to work whilst answering pm's, text's, calls and emails regarding all the gear I'm selling. That didn't take long and went rather smoothly.

    As usual im questioning have i done the right thing but I needed to free up space and have everything im selling covered by other gear. ;)

    @LyingDalai, sorry but thats everything sold
  • Everyone knows this is the best forum in the world ;)

    Glad to hear all went smoothly.
    Just gutted I couldn't grab a RYTM for 800 squid ;)

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    @Daisy for your next sellings, you might want to check prices in euros for used gear on Audiofanzine...
    Your prices were insanely interesting:D
  • Well done @Daisy, you really cleared up!
  • Ja, it almost was a charity offer ; )
    But f%$§ it, what's gone is gone!
  • The Sub 37 is mine mwahahahabahahabaha MIIIIINE!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Don't think it would've been possible but I'm going home to England for Christmas so I can pick it up then. What an incredible way to add spice and glitter to the visiting famalam, spending Christmas, enjoying my birthday, and celebrating the end of the year!
    This is my dream synth and it will sit atop my main midi controller - the DX7 - in my humble and slightly slutty future proof setup!

    They were great deals, I began to wonder why all you guys were sleeping. @Daisy I always think the same question - "is this the right thing?" - and kinda feel empty but when the new setup is rolling you know why you did it. ;)
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    We weren't sleeping, Darx : it was obviously meant to be yours, Fate was quite clear on that :D

    Can't wait to hear you drive this racing car !
    Glad @Daisy kept it for you :D
  • Daisy im more interested in what you discovered to be the best set up. You said modular with your 2 fav synths. Can you elaborate? You may have enlightenment.
  • We weren't sleeping, Darx : it was obviously meant to be yours, Fate was quite clear on that :D

    Can't wait to hear you drive this racing car !
    Glad @Daisy kept it for you :D
    Awwww that is super nice of you to say! Making me more excited!

    Oh I'll drive it... BIGTIME!!
    I posted a video on YouTube of some synth action last week :)
  • I picked a rotten time to go on holiday, great gear at great prices! Is this all being reinvested in a huge modular synth cave @Daisy?
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    Its going towards a Minimoog model D :)

    My set up will be the modular set-up, made up of a maked noise shared system, another 84hp rack im buliding and 3xmoog mothers as well as extra cv control from a dominion 1 and vermona drm.

    Lead,pads,arps etc courtesy of the Ob6, and leads and bass again by the Minimoog Model D.

    I have an Octatrack to do its various party pieces where needed and am awaiting a Cirklon sequencer, huge waiting list so some time next year.

    Still loads of stuff lol, but I think its more focused as theres less overlap and not as much stuff to distract me. It was getting hard to manage as it stretched the lenght of my office and I was bewildered as to where to start!

    I'll probably move all the modular in to one large case eventually.
  • That's still a lot of gear to learn and master.
    Sounds like it's going to be one epic setup though :)
  • And now we wanna hear some noise!
  • Killer setup in the making there, enjoy :)
  • Edit: I should have wrote 'agreed on a deal' and not 'bought'.

    Haven't heard from @Daisy after that. @Daisy I hope everything is well with you and nothing bad has happened, you just decided to take a sunny two week break to a desert island off the cuff ;)
  • Well I've filled in a few of the blank spaces in the Intellijel rack today by adding a Bastl Quattro Figaro, Noise 2, and Tea Kick. Still have to buy the Metropolis sequencer as somebody beat me to the one I had lined up. I should have it by next Tuesday or Wed all being well. Really loving the boombox and am currently sat at my kitchen table with the Make noise shared system and Intellijel rack making percussion sounds :)
    That boombox module looks great. Very cool for a portable modular rig :) Think I'm gonna lay off the forums for a while before I succumb to modular! I need to swerve any new purchases and get back to making music more often instead of 'planning' or changing/learning gear. Feels like that's all I've done for the past two years!
    I hadn't planned to fall in the modular trap, it can be addictive though. I just had an idea to make a pure analog 303 style portable modular so gave it a go. Obviously it will do a lot more than aciiid. I was thinking of using it in a more musical sense rather than for acid, such as Giorgio Moroder and Donna Summer Our Love. @LyingDalai Why not build a smallish 84hp rack with select modules and use your willpower not to buy any more ;) As a side note I've eaten nearly a whole tin of Cadburys Roses and feel sick.......


    Excuse the quality of the photo its taken on my ipad.  And don't mention the gap between The Mixer and the noise source, I will sort it but for now am pretending its not there :)

    @Daisy is back on Elektronauts as DavyP
  • Crazy story. All the gear.. and then sell it again. What happened there? Love tragedy maybe. But who knows, speculations..
  • DavyP seems real, in fact...
    Check Elektronauts thread...
    Don't think I'll ever see an OB6 at this price once again !!
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    Seems like he is the real deal.

    An OB6 is my dream synth and unfortunately, LyDalai, you are probably right!

    Have you thought about picking up the Matrix 1000? It's a rack unit, reasonably cheap, and it has that filter. Might be the closest we will get.
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