Battle 41 Beta OS Voting

Alright, finally there's the voting thread!

Thanks to you guys for participating. Great results here : )
Battling is tough but you learn much faster how to use the OP-1!

As usual: EVERYBODY CAN GIVE HIS VOTE, even when you didn't submit a track!

Let's say you can give your vote until Tuesday the 19th of July.







and mine, not voteable!


  • My vote goes to Quarantequatre :) Great track!
  • @Callofthevoid - Your track sounds like an hangover and angry R2D2 telling you why yesterday was the worst night ever, agressive in the right way! I especally like it from 2:00. And that echo thing on the left channel is great! Good job.

    @marius - I was sold on this track after 3 seconds, the main synth sound with LFO and the one panned right with ARP are DOPE! I would love if you could share your presets or explain how you got those sounds. And you use them perfectly, I really like the general feeling, the small bleeps added. Well done on the drums to, that delayed snare and soft kick are a perfect match.

    @yoof - The dark bell ARP during the first minute is delicious, I was happy to hear them again at 1:40 :). Your drum work is very recognizable, you should teach me how to do this kind of stuff. The quiet break at 2:45 and the sampled birds are drawing my attention to what follows, excellent.

    @Edzilla - Best title ever! It matches the track very well, the noisy style was made for your dog! It that a sample at 0:15? I like it! The last part of the song has an haunting feeling with the reverb synth on the left and that fat lead, very crispy!

    @quarantequatre - For some reasons that bass at the begining reminds me of "Fade to Grey" by Visage, especially the progression at 0:40 except that your bass riff is fatter and slower, catchy stuff. I may be influenced by the sampled French speach also. Anyway, this sounds very good! And that guitar sound at 1:30 are totally in the same universe, very cohesive (a bit like Depeche Mode). That 80's sounds  with the more modern drums and sample use give an awesome result!

    @aeoner - The sampled seaguls work just fine with the arpeggiated synth, I like how it evolves to darker tones before the bells like synth arrives. The setero work is very good! I was happy to find another seagul choir at the end, nice start/end thing.

    @mixrasta - So groovy! I like the sweep at 0:30 (also at 1:20?), is that Nitro? And that change at 0:40, great idea! The piano and the bass work together with the drums like a charm! Too bad you cannot get votes, that would have been an appreciated entry for sure ;)

    This one is an easy vote for me: @marius , I love your track. But I really appreciate @yoof and @quarantequatre entries as well. The level on this battle is impressive, there was only quality stuff (as usual!).

  • Yes it's slump on nitro in unison @Eti thanks!
  • First post on this forum - really love all the stuff though, all of the entries are far past my OP-1 abilities currently. Really loving @quarantequatre and @yoof entry - but as I said, this is all top quality stuff!
  • @eti haha, nice description ;) Thanks for the kind feedback.
    All entries are cool but @marius track edged it for me. Love the intro sounds/vibe.
  •  @quarantequatre is my vote. feeling 80s vibrations. like the slow to fast changes too. 

    lots of other quality work up here mates! 

    classic tunes from @yoof and the host. @callofthevoid with computer love tune @edzilla showing up strong, and @marius feeling a bit 80's too. @aeoner nice chill vibe sounding fresh as usual.

    great work fellas! 
  • My vote goes to @quarantequatre - was totally blown away by your track, fella.

    Thanks for the honourable mentions on my track :) and thanks to the host, @mixrasta.
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    Thank you very much @marius, @Cdaboll, @kln and @yoof !
    I really appreciate your feedback @Eti, you're right, there's something from Fade to Grey I didn't get before :)

    @Callofthevoid Great Autechre vibes in here ! Lots of complexity, but you mixed all this very weel, Good job, Love the sounds you used :)

    @marius Your track is so delicious for the ears ! Very chilly sound, and I love the way you use the delays ! Great work too. Did you sampled your kid ?
    I really love the phone break effect. Great track, one of my prefered.

    @yoof Awesome track as always :). Very nice progression, pure sound, fresh rhythm. The construction of the track is perfect. Do you know what kind of birds you recorded ? Love the low tempo and the chillout vibe. One of my fav too.

    @Edzilla Power track ! I really love the way you switch the style of the track, 1:16 and 2:23. Especially the dubby style in the end. Awesome work, and I totally agree with the haunting effect of the last part !

    @aeoner I can hear seagulls, pleasant sea vibe, another chillout track to loosen ears before holydays :D. You manage the stereo effect very well. I wanna go to the ocean.

    @mixrasta Super track as always ! I love the way you mix your tracks. How did you made theses stereo ping pongs ? I love this effect so much !

    All tracks are awesome was very hard to select one, I'm gonna vote for @yoof, because I love the "crystal clear" vibe of your track !

    Honourable mentions to everybody cause of the variety and the quality of the tracks in this battle. That was a very nice battle @mixrasta !

    PS: Without paying attention, I've just started @aeoner and @marius tracks together, the result is pretty well on certain parts !
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    Nice submissions everyone.

    @Callofthevoid: Crazy stuff. Too bad, I'm not in the noisy mood atm.

    @marius: one of my favourite submissions. Nice mellow touch. Could use a bit more stereo...

    @yoof: Awesome sounds and mixing. One of my favs...

    @Edzilla: Interesting arrangement. But a bit too noisy for me. I really like the end part.

    @quarantequatre: Yeah, really 80's. Well done, fantastic end part. Added to favourites. 

    @aeoner: Nice mellow mood. Cool track.

    @mixrasta: Well, it's a genuine mixrasta track. Funky stuff!

    My vote goes to @yoof
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  • I quite enjoyed that first tune by Dolphin Sex Pest (Que?), but it was Quarantequatre's tune that was the winner for me!
  • Okay. More Detail.

    @Callofthevoid - What I liked about the Dolphin Sex Pest (Hm.) track "Beta Bayta" was it's detail. It's like an early Art of Noise, like "A Call To War".

    @marius - I enjoyed this track. Only thing, it was bit short, and a bit mono.

    @yoof - Excellent stereo production- I like it! In fact I like it on SoundCloud. I just feel it doesn't go anywhere after the initial tune- which, by the way, is great.

    @EdZilla - Not sure about the beginning, it sounds a bit messy, but from 1:20 sounds like you're sorting stuff out, and from 2:23 it sounds like you've got it sorted, and then the track comes alive! From then, it becomes quite an enjoyable track.

    @Quarantequatre This is was, almost from the start (Pace Dolphin Sex Pest (I'm still not getting that as band name). ), my favourite track, right from the second I heard the double tracked arpeggio synth line. This is everything I'd expect from a good competition. Even before that mad tempo change at around 3:00. And that tempo change: it worked, and how cool was that?

  • @CallofTheVoid - Here's the stereo version of The Art Of Noise "A Call To War"
  • @CallofTheVoid - Here's the stereo version of The Art Of Noise "A Call To War"
    Thanks :)
  • Thanks a lot for your votes and good words!

    @eti. I did not save my presets. I was planning to, but forgot it. Sorry. 

    @quarantequatre. Yes, the sample is my kid singing :)

    @motone and @opalfyre. Thanks a lot for mentioning stereo! How to use the stereo field has been a total mystery to me. But it seems its time to try to understand it now.

    I dont understand how I can create a dynamic stereo field on the Op-1 while at the same time dealing with muting tracks, changing volume on tracks and moving the loops on the tape. There would be so much switching and fast fingering. Is it maybe just a skill that develops, just like using any other instrument?

    A simple solution is to keep one track to the left, and another to the right, and the other two in the middle. But is that enough? Its not very dynamic and I always thought that would be just as boring as keeping everything in the middle so I didnt bother to do much of it...

    Anybody have any tips on how to use stereo on Op-1?

  • This really was a great battle! All of them were tight.

     @quarantequatre is my pick, really great track.

  • Thanks a lot @yoof
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    It's toast-time!
    I would like to thank you all, it's always a pleasure to host the party and at least 6 came and me as the DJ...

    ''Tshikke tshikke tshumm, yeah yaw rock that shit, homie!''

    Okay you wrote this song isn't really finished, but it has a profound basis to layer some melody/ instruments over it. Then ! The compressed drums are banging!

    @marius Very cosy production. I like it! Don't worry to much about being mono. Most important is to get music done and it's good!

    @yoof What can I say, again several female customers were asking what's playing and I gave them your soundcloud and mine as well ; )

    @Edzilla Interesting stuff again. Like a journey finding your sound. And in the end everything's fine! Great sounds!

    @Quarantequatre Moon 44. Do you know this movie with the cucaracha scene? Cool electronic stuff here with a cinematic atmosphere. Nice work on the samples! Winner track!

    @aeoner Nice use of the ARP. I should do more Arpeggiator stuff too! I love the seabirds! Very warm atmosphere and also very autobahnish : )

    Seems like QQ received most of the votes closely followed by yoof and marius... but there can be only

    congratulatore to Quarante le quatre ; )
  • Thank you everybody ! It was a great battle @mixrasta, and ty too I appreciate your review :).

    I don't know this movie, and so the cucaracha scene :D. Have you got a link of it ?

    I've got to think about the battle 42 line up then :)
  • Congrats @quarantequatre! Can't wait for the new battle :)
  • Nice one @quarantequatre great track :)
  • Thank you very much mates :)
  • hey what's with the rush ?
    Didn't have time to vote for @quarantequatre as well !!

    Congrats mate !
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    Merci my friend ! And just missed your post @Edzilla, thank you too !
  • Looks like I missed this vote, 'been off line.
    Congrats @quarantequatre !
  • Thank you @Spheric_El :)

    Making the Battle 42 is a bit Long sorry operators, just a bit busy atm
  • Take your time : so am I :D
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