Battle 40 - Voting

hello folks. battle 40 voting time. 

great tracks, great collaboration. hope it was fun for everyone!
please submit your vote!!

maybe this one could be a bit of a different voting structure…let’s say first track to get to 7 votes wins…fallback is whoever has the most votes by Friday June 10.

tracks eligible for voting:





also...not eligible for voting (just shameless self-promotion):



  • It was close, but my vote goes to @mixrasta such a fun interesting track with unexpected twists around every corner! Honorable mention to @edzilla very cool! Great work all!
  • Thanks Sammy, much appreciated!
  • Love the funky groove so my vote goes to @Edzilla
  • Mixrasta! So fun.
  • Great tracks everybody. My favorites were @Edzilla and @mixrasta, and mixrasta gets my vote. The song had a great vibe, reminded me of 60s library music or something. Well done! Really enjoyed Edzilla's beats too.
  • My vote goes to @vehka's guitar driven track. You don't see much of that around here!

    Honorable mention to the last minute and a half of @Edzilla's
  • Cheers @borden for the vote! =)
  • My vote for @josker. I like the dubby flow, feels like I'm travelling! All thru very good tracks! Thanks for the votes @vehka and @nortone81 (if thats a vote ; )
    It was a very cool idea with the collaboration part @kln the battles always lead me somewhere, I never thought of..
  • My vote goes to @josker, love the atmosphere in the track. Though there are a lot of really good submissions, great job guys! 

    I've had the OP-1 for almost a year, but haven't had a lot of time to play around because we had a baby last year. But I'm thinking I want to join the next battle, should have some time now in the summer!
  • @edzilla gets my vote. I got a lot of that Doom/Madlib vibe off of this one, cool stuff! :) And @vehka would be my honorable mention, really like how the guitar samples finally came together. Great selection, it wasn't easy at all! 

    Thanks for the votes guys, was a really happy surprise, made my day :) 
  • This battle was a really good example of how the OP-1 sounds.
    It felt like a cohesion of sounds to me ,with excellent blends of beats and sub 120BPM ,with electronics and synths colliding in a unique way. @SammyJams exemplifies this and I thought this was a brilliant signature of your own style here.I loved it and on initial impact I was trying to decide between this and @Edzilla on first place. Both are really well arranged (in their own way) and mixed -I love fat drums. Infact @SammyJams the Drive setting and mix you have there is , well..Slammin.Also love that funky bass synth pattern and whole arrangement skills.
    But after several listenings ,trying to decide, a few other ,more mellow tunes snuck into my consciousness.
    @Vehka loving that style .Another head who's style is really developed.This is a lovely tune. You mix strings and synth beautifully .Its sounding really complete. @Mixrasta -Fantastic cute beatness .You certainly can rock this OP-1 and I admire your arrangement skills on this device. This could sit on Ninja Tunes on their more glorious compilation days,or MoWax. Loving the cartoon space vibres (however you got them) and the melodies,harmonies and hooks. Again this tune is complete. @Borden This has that OP-1 sound I was talkin about and I love your washes of sound. Unfortunately the melody hook seriously reminds me of an 80s synth pop tube from UK. I cant remember which one, but this prejudiced my decision making and I couldn't consider it for first place. Having said that its still a top tune,right up there with the rest and says more about how my mind works than your choice of harmonic. It is excellently arranged and has anthemic feel that tells stories and emotion. @curdledgurled hahaha well this is a little out my comfort zone but I have to say full marks for experimental distortion with OP-1! Also the vocal sample is nice and reminds me of Aphex Twin early 90s (This is high praise). Its a nice tune ... in a hard core teckno sort of way :)
    @josker You got me.
    I took this voting blind!
    So as to say I didnt like being effected by expectations ,favoritism or prejudice that I'm sure we are all familiar with in everyday life. I had a bit of an idea who was In, but I avoided reading posts and kept opening this thread with my eyes half closed and my hand covering the left half of the screen. The odd name slipped through the net -@SammyJams- though I think I may of guessed from the style. I did guess @Edzilla (excellent tune btw) , but it was fun doing it this way. I wish all OP Battles were voted like this.
    Anyway I've only just seen who is responsible for this tune .Well done @josker ,you get my first place.
    Loved it. I think it was the percussive but harmonic sounds that tripped my switch. Especially that warble that comes on end of bar or beat 4.
    Pure evidence that OP-1 really is the here and now.

    Thank You to our host with the most @kln for top battle vibrations.
    Brilliant tune. I've read all the tips on panning ,but this is still mystifying me how you get your drums like that. Obviously two tracks ,but the way the break wanders... its Fresh!
    Sorry about the pun.
    A slight tempo shift with faster double hihats than usual ,but this is a happy tune. Proper drum + bass ,in the literal sense.
  • I think my vote has to go to @edzilla, just for how good the outro of the song is, a great groove. I also liked @mixrasta 's mellow jungle style, and the pads in @josker s, I liked borden 's use of my stuff, and his flangey synth he had was real cool. 
  • klnkln
    edited June 2016
    @Spheric_El - thanks for the comments. and you are correct that i used two hard-panned tracks. the effect is quite simple to create. here’s a quick summary:

    1. use Step sequencer to program some drums
    2. set the drum kit to Nitro effect [3]
    - Nitro is effectively a lo and hi-pass filter with the Blue and Orange knobs, respectively.
    3. go to Tape and arm recording by holding the [Rec] Button down on Track 1 (fully panned L)
    4. play the sequence by tapping on Keyboard
    5. quickly tap [3] and tweak the parameters
    6. end Recording
    7. repeat the sequence on Track 2 (fully panned R)…but tweak the parameters differently

    the effect i used was to slowly sweep in the filtered Drum sequence and then randomly modulate the filter manually...but you can apply this methodology to any sequence, using any of the modes 1-4, in either Synth or Drum. it can be especially fun to fiddle with LFOs.
  • Excellent @kln thanks a lot.
  • dear amazing OP-1 community,

    deadline for voting is tomorrow!

    for the dozens (maybe hundreds) of members of the forum...participation in the battle not required for voting, therefore....


    please don't hesitate, and feel free to help procure judgement of these 7 great tracks made with your beloved device (why you joined the forum right!) these guys put in work on these tracks! please show your love, support and criticism (nicely)! 

    here's how the voting pool stands at the moment...!!!

    mixrasta = 3

    josker = 3

    edzilla = 2

    vehka = 1
  • One more last-minute work. Been too busy wrapping my head around the Octatrack these days. The submissions are all really cool. Wish I'd know how the participants have made certain things sounding that good on the op-1.

    Anyways, my vote goes to @mixrasta for a great little journe into weird-hop land. Bravo!
  • My vote goes to @josker . Awesome piece.

    Thumbs up @ all participants!
  • I find it very hard to come up with a favorite track, as they all bring something special in their own way... @Edzilla, I really like your intro, it's very good !
    @misnaps your sound is very appeasing, there are different moments in your song, it's pretty cool as well.
    @curdledgurled I really dig your intro as well, the weird voices bring a weird atmosphere that I really like. Not fond of the noise at 0:44, a bit too long for my taste, but I really like the harsh nature of the rest.
    @vehka I really like what you come up with your guitar, it sounds beautifully !
    @borden you were my close second for the dark videgame/film OST atmosphere of your track :)
    @kln your groove don't grow old, hope you got a nice birthday for your forties mate :D

    I give my vote to @mixrasta because it's the one that got stuck in my ear, but I really like all the tracks !!!
    Congratulations everyone !!
  • Hello!

    Amazing battle, with a really good and positive idea. Sharing is caring! Unfortunately (well, maybe fortunately:) I was on my vacation last month and didn´t managed to make a beat for this one, but I will vote tomorrow, as I need to hear the entries one more time to vote, as the level is really high! :) 
  • @curdledgurled - wow, totally hardcore! First time I've heard that kind of thing produced on the Op-1. Love the distorted sound and scary voice samples. Reminds me a lot of mid 90's hardcore.

    @josker - There's a really nice lofi quality to the track. I loved the melodies and the drum programming. There's lots of attention to detail and good stereo work - a real treat for the ears, packed full of goodness. Top stuff.

    @SammyJams - Awesome, right from the start. Love how you love to push the drive :) It's playful, layered and groovy! Hehe, love that mental ending too.

    @vehka - ooo lovely guitars. Love that short snappy snare too. Really like how the focus is on the acoustic stuff with the more sample based and synthy sounds complimenting that nicely.

    @Edzilla - Loved the drums and the wacky stuff you were doing with vocal snippets and the main theme bouncing all over the place. You had me neck flexing at the half way mark with all that h-h-h-h-haaa and then the change of pace slightly after that. 

    @borden - Really like the dramatic intro and the contrast between that distorted bass sound and the nice synth and pads that come in later. I really like this! Good work!

    @mixrasta - Cool! Love the style of this one. Nice and laid back with a generous nod towards sample based hip hop. If I didn't know better I would have sworn that was real scratching! Awesome work.

    @kln - I know I'm gonna get a stereo treat when I listen to a kln track :) Nice work, as always, on the drum programming. Too good! Too good!

    Oh man I'm confused. And I don't know who to vote for either!

    Very close, but I'll vote for @vehka - just loved that coming together of the acoustic and electronic worlds. Very nice!
  • Big ups to @SammyJams and @borden who had killer tracks, but @mixrasta takes the taco on this one (i.e. gets my vote). In fact all the songs were Big Up worthy. I think it's great that at least 3 of the 7 songs in this battle have samples sourced from a cannibal movie from 35 years ago.... 

    Special toast to KLN, who created an awesome battle that forced me to make new patches and change out most of my sounds that were getting stale in my OP-1. Cheers to the next winner who has a great contest on the way!

  • voting pool update. 

    mixrasta = 6

    josker = 4

    edzilla = 2

    vehka = 2

    @mixrasta - looks like the next battle is yours to host! 

    not sure what type of special treatment you might want to afford @Edzilla as your collaboration source - totally up to you of course - i was hoping whomever was partnered would get some privilege in the next set of rules, however small or large you might make that privilege. 

    mostly...thanks to all who entered source files and entries. and for all of the voting participants. i'm sure everyone can appreciate the feedback, discussion, fun and learning that the battles generate.
  • @aeoner - hope you can participate in the next battle! your tracks always make an impact. feel free to cast a vote, but even with one more for someone else, mixrasta would still be up at least 1 (since he is up 2 as of now). 

    (i'm also too eager for a new set of rules). 
  • @LyingDalai - your comments on my track made me laugh. thanks for your interpretation, perfect. (my b-day's in November though...and unfortunately unlike my "groove", i'm growing older by the minute). ha!
  • Maybe us others can, like, yield :D
  • @curdledgurled industrial/trance madness, very different from the usual sounds that we usually hear associated with the OP-1. The lo-fi texture remembers the first raves that I went when I was a teenager, good memories. And what to say about Sarah Palin? Haha 

    @josker dreamy sound, really liked the "note repeat" effect, the modern hi-hat triplets which puts your beat into the zeitgeist BUT with a 90s Boards of Canada/downtempo texture. Liked the ending a lot, strong OP-1 signature. You should made more beats like this one, would surely grab a tape! 

    @SammyJams Loved the Middle East vibe, made me want see Omar Souleyman again! Always a powerful beat, with lots of technique. This one is full of little but interesting details, with great variation - what effects I´m hearing? CWO? Spring Reverb? Everytime I´m impressed with your OP-1 mastery. 

    @vehka Amazing. I love the contrast of textures between analog, very acoustic chords and dry, digital drum (which the programming is very good). One of my favorite beat of this battle, really beautiful one. 

    @edzilla a solid beat, with grat atmosphere. Liked a lot the beat repeats and the spring reverb variations. Also lots of respect for the not-so lo-fi texture that you achieved in this one - although I love the full of artifacts characteristic of the OP-1, this one sounded really cleaner that the usual OP beat, which shows control of the gear.

    @borden Powerful equilibrium of a agressive bassline, with an analog vibe, with the gentle, atmospheric, lovely digital pads. The introduction of noise (it´s the bassline?) worked very well and remembers Autechre. Should also mention the good use of the hi-hats, making the beat tight all the time.

    @mixrasta a well deserved winner! Begins as a retrofuture rocksteady tune then become something absolutely different and comes back, It´s true that isn´t as cohesive as other entries, but love the beat college vibe, remembering Prefuse 73 and some of Madlib stuff.  Amazing work, you get my vote :)

    @kln first of all, congratulations and thanks for the great ruleset: this one will stay among one of the most interesting battle of the community. Really dig this one! A  cool breakbeat with the OP-1 spirit. As always, your drum programming is amazing, maybe the best one here, with a lot of variations and dope technique. Will try the hard pan thing that you explained! 

    Congratulations everyone, I hope to be back in the next one! 

  • Congrats @mixrasta! Thanks to everyone for taking part. And a huge thank you to everyone who commented - I feel a bit guilty for being so brief with my comments, I'll make sure to take more time for it the next time around, as it's really interesting to hear any thoughts others have on your own tunes - I'm sure we've all been there :)

    All in all - it's been an absolute blast, once again :) thanks everyone. I hope mixrasta sets up a new one quick :)
  • Thanks for the votes, mentions and thoughtful comments @josker, @Spheric_El, @LyingDalai, @yoof & @aeoner. Congrats @mixrasta for the win and thanks @kln for organizing a great battle!

    Sorry for not commenting more on your tracks, I'll step up next time. =)
  • Congrats @mixrasta maximum respect :)
  • Thanks everybody! Exciting! I'll let you all know about the new rules as soon as possible!
    I don't have internet at home and just came back to work reading the good news..
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