Battle 40 - Collaborate

battle 40 - collaborate

hoping this isn’t too complicated, but the idea here is to collaborate by providing patches and samples for others to use to create amazing music with their OP-1, and combining their offerings with what you have to offer another Operator.

step 1. - drum

Operators create and post 4 Drum Kits.
- basic idea here is to share 4 X 12 second samples, or a drum kit made with OP-1 Drum Utility. (content can come from any source)

step 2. - synth

Operators create and post 4 Synth presets or samples.
- basic idea here is to share 4 X 6 second sample, or synth engine user patches.(content can come from any source)

step 3 - pay to play (figuratively)
- post your own unique 4X work for others to leverage and compete.

step 4 - mix
- combine your own unique 4X drum kits with your 4X synth patches or presets and the 4X drum & synth provided by another Operator into a track.  (use of every sample or patch not required, but use of none is not acceptable).



  • Rules:

    Rule 1. 
    - choose a single Operators set of samples and patches to leverage.
    - post your own set of samples or presets

    Rule 2. 
    - don’t deviate (too far) from the original sample or patches provided by your collaborator. utilize LFO, Effects, Envelope…but try to stay true to patch or sample (within reason).

    Rule 3. 
    - use only the 4X collaborator Drum and your shared 4X Drum.  
    - use only the 4X collaborator Synth and your shared 4X Synth.
    - don’t use extra sounds that you haven’t shared or hasn’t been shared with you (within reason)
    - if you choose to not create a set of samples to share, you can only use the ones provided by another Operator


    - no deadline on sample or patch submission, but the sooner the better for folks who might want to get some of your sounds!

    - post your collaborative samples in whatever downloadable link format is possible. (Soundcloud, Dropbox, etc) - i’ve been researching what the best play is here for a “public” sharing of multi-user documents are. - lemme know if other have great ideas (and i’ll edit with a preferred method).

    deadline for finished tracks, mixed and mastered directly on OP-1 is May 22.

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    Wow, such an amazing brief !!!
    I'm thrilled !
  • @kln - congrats on winning battle 39! Your track was amazing - really sorry I didn't vote / submit my appraisals. ...and thanks for the veteran mention - I'm humbled :)

    Loving the brief and looking forward to creating some kits / patches.
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    Nice brief, not sure I've understood everything, but that's a very good idea !

    This should be great to make a playlist of the samples on soundcloud, don't you think ?

    @CandyGarage are you @kln ? :D
  • @quarantequatre - let me know if you have any specific questions that need clarifying. 

    it would make a cool playlist if it ended up with shared parts and pieces that are somewhat recognizable. 

    and i'm just me, not @CandyGarage - makes me think maybe one day i'll make an alias, but it'll probably be a posh name like Reginald McFlumerfold or something, ha! 

    i'm going to take some time to craft the kits i post. should be ready in a day or two.
  • This is wonderful.
  • When it will be time for me to polish my first 'entirely made in OP-1' track, I'll wish I'm @kln somehow ;-)

    Also I should have read more carefully this part - 'don’t deviate (too far) from the original sample' - before sharing those boring sample patches ha ha, sorry! Hopefully using LFO is allowed ;-)
  • @CandyGarage - definitely use of FX and LFO is allowed!
  • @quarantequatre - let me know if you have any specific questions that need clarifying. 

    it would make a cool playlist if it ended up with shared parts and pieces that are somewhat recognizable. 

    and i'm just me, not @CandyGarage - makes me think maybe one day i'll make an alias, but it'll probably be a posh name like Reginald McFlumerfold or something, ha! 

    i'm going to take some time to craft the kits i post. should be ready in a day or two.
    Thank you @kln, I'm gonna read it again at one's leisure :)

    That's an awesome name ! And welcome to the best forum in the world @CandyGarage :)
  • Sounds fun! Thanks for putting the brief together. Great way to get more familiar with my new Op ;) It's getting collected for return in a couple of days cos it's faulty but I'll try and get this done (submit + make a track) before it goes..
  • This is wonderful.

    Agreed, this an amazing brief, thanks!
  • Ok, here are my samples. All classical guitar! =)

    The drum sampler loops are 4 bar loops at 82.7 bpm, and the synth sampler loops are 2 bar loops at the same bpm. There are only 2 synth samples, sorry about that! I was jamming with the guitar and apparently I can't count to four... =(

    In my head, the loops make a song; longer loops 1–4 combined with the shorter ones (a & b) in various ways. If someone wants to, I can also post the song structure, but maybe it's more fun to use them as a construction kit. Also, this way we don't end up with tracks that are two similar to be boring. =)

    One more thing: the "collab a" sample's root key is the upper A key (5th white key from the right), and the "collab b" sample's root key is the lower B key (4th white key from the left). Don't ask why – how the synth sampler changes the root pitch has always baffled me.

  • @sammyjams - nice drum kits! love the extra non-drum sounds you placed in there. someone should have lots of fun with those. need to drop the synths into my OP-1 to see what you've done there, but i'm already guessing those are ready for action!

    @vehka - really nice stuff to work with there. i can hear lots of layering possibilities and the acoustic sound feels nice and rich. nice to include your BPM too. someone will be happy about that too i'm sure.

    i can't wait to hear other folks submissions. will be definitely trying to make a track too (even if i am excluded from the voting)...i can already tell, it will be hard to pick who's to choose to use as part of the collaboration process, let alone the final tracks that are the result. 

    i'll try to get my samples up in the next day or two for folks!

    exciting stuff!

  • I'm afraid I won't be able to post my kits before leaving...
    It took me a whole evening to get my first AR drum kit !!
    But it was carefully crafted, I put great care into it :D

  • @LyingDalai - post it. follow up with more later when you can!
  • OK, I'll do it !
  • @LyingDalai share the AR drum kit, please! :) Sharing is caring! :) 
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    Ahaha !
    I spent my whole noon break trying to put samples within the OP1 Drumkit Editor : they are too long ! I have to chase their tail ^^
    So I am quite sure this won't be finished for tomorrow :(

    But I promise I'll release it once done, in about a week + the few days to get this properly done...
    My intention are :
    - 1 AR drumkit
    - 1 MD drumkit
    - 1 MM drumkit (glitches, cracks, FM and such)
    - scories and weirdness from OP-1

    As for the synth kits, I'll work on OP-1 patches, not that found of synth sampler...
  • @yoof's tool for automatically assigning samples to drum patches is a great help for that kinda work @LyingDalai, just sayin' =)
  • @vehka Are you talking about "OP1 DrumUtility" ?
    That's the one I use.

    Btw : vehka -> vk -> one of the best concert places in Brussels !!
    When I see your moniker I can't help but think of all the good time I've had there a decade ago...
  • Don't get scared off by the raspberry pi in the thread title - it's just a command line tool. It's quite good to use when you've got lots of samples and you want to generate the smallest number of kits for the number of samples you've got. It's got a best fit algorithm inside it.
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    For the 4 drumkits, we can use anything any sound ? I've never made a "normal" drumkit with drums or real things (I don't really need to do that 'cause nice people do it very good :D, with very good drum samples)

    I generally use the drum sampler or a microphone directly on the OP-1 to create parts of drumkits or things like that (the jew's harp in my last track for example).

    But when I do that I don't make a perfect drumkit where all keys are affected or set.

    Can I do something like this whithout breaking the rules?
  • There's no such thing as a perfect drumkit :D
    I feel like it's part of this Battle to come up with something you find decent enough !
  • @quarantequatre - you can provide 12 seconds X 4 of whatever sounds you would like for the drumkits.

    and 6 seconds X 4 of whatever sound sample, or synth patch you want to create for the synth.
  • borden lightbridge - sample I took from a korg monopoly
    borden schmidt - sample from a bread board synth I cooked up
    borden vhs bell - FM Patch
    borden brain melt - CWO being CWO

    borden volca - samples I made from a volca beats
    borden scmdrums - samples of some analog drum machine i downloaded
    borden 808 - " "
    borden doom - sound effects from id software's Doom

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    I'm in. here is a link to my samples and patches
    they include samples from mp3's and internet videos or trailers, the radio, a cassette, my alesis SR-16 drum machine and my modular set-up (a bit-crusher, percussion thing and a oscilator)  
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