battery not charging...

i had my op-1 down to one light on the meter, charged it all day yesterday and when i just checked, it's in the same spot on the battery meter...?
what's the deal?


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    Common issue that's well-reported on this forum. Your OP-1 is fine, just the meter is miscalibrated. You can try leaving it on charge for a long time to see if it fixes it, or factory reset it. Some USB ports or chargers seem better than others and I've never had it happen when charging with a Mac.
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    Ok, cool. 
    Yeah had some other battery issues with the meter reading false and stuff like that but this was just odd. Thanks for the info, appreciated. 
  • You can also drain the battery and recharge to see if it helps. Run the FM radio and a Tombola sequence until it powers off
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