FS BleepLabs DelayDelus, MicroGranny 2.2, OP-1

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Got an unused, still in the box, BleepLabs DelayDelus (I bought 2 of these and they are cool): $200

Microgranny, used a handful of times and has had the chip upgraded from 2.1 to 2.2. Small fracture in plastic housing. Bastl sent replacement. The replacement is a different color so I left it as is but will ship the replacement in case you want to change it.Original box/tool: $175
OP-1 is sold
OP-1. I have only used my OP-1 a few times. It's a few days over a year old. Original case/overlay/rubberbands/cable/Official Case/Official strap- $750

EDIT: I also have a Dark Interpreter, used maybe 5 times: $250.

All of the above items are in excellent condition.

I am going modular(like an idiot) and this will help fund this venture(mistake)

I'll Ship to the lower 48 U.S. 

If your interested in any of these pm me and I'll send pictures or whatever….for some damn reason imgur isn't working for me at the moment.

Edit all are now up on reverb.com if anyone here is interested just message me.


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