PO Battle Nr.1 - Electric Dialogue

Pick two or more Pocket Operators of your choice and let them enter a dialogue. Give them a voice. Let them discuss, cry or laugh.


  • use at least two Pocket Operators
  • no mixing or editing in DAW
  • no use of any other gear
  • the final track should be uploaded at soundcloud and posted in this thread
  • the theme for the next battle is chosen by the winner. 

As the Deadline I would suggest, Eastern the 28th of March.

I hope everyone is alright with this battle theme. 


  • Woohoo, PO battle!
  • Yay, I like the dialogue theme. =)
  • Glad I picked up the robot! Now I have 2! Game on.
  • Is OP-1 OK as a 4-track recorder if I record straight without editing nor performing ?

  • Op1 has some gain ID say. But is how I plan to record my PO battle submission. Just no eq; effects; tape tricks. I'll prolly just record straight to album.
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    masterofstuff124, what do you mean "gain ID" ?
    Recording straight to album is a very good idea !

    Do you guys know if one can record in stereo in such manner ?
    I wanted to do some kind of hard panning like previous OP-1 battle ^^
    OK, I'll leave work at once and go test it !!!
  • Gain, I would say. Contractions and punctuation. Not my strong suit.
  • this is awesome! now i need a second PO...
  • nice! Gonna give this a shot, perhaps even make a video.
  • Could a moderator make this a sticky post/announcement?
  • Does anyone like the idea of the output of this battle being curated into a Bandcamp album? (see https://www.operator-1.com/index.php?p=/discussion/1849/how-do-you-get-your-music-out-there#latest for more details). As organiser @flom what do you reckon?
  • Yeah, coll idea :)
    Especially if @HisMostDarxxxellent ;is willing to show his mastering skills ^^
  • Well, I love the idea ! Now I really need a PO...
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    Ok so I have 2 questions cause I am stoopid... No daw how do we get it to sound cloud?

    And can we use two of the same PO device?
  • No mixing and editing in DAW. Recording and saving to harddisk should be fine.
  • Well, I love the idea ! Now I really need a PO...
    I've been looking at them too, three just popped up in a local store but I can't bring my self to reach into my wallet; I can't stop loving the flow that I'm rinsing right now.
    Yeah, coll idea :)
    Especially if @HisMostDarxxxellent ;is willing to show his mastering skills ^^
    I'm happy and willing to try my best with my current abilities for both the mastering and mixing and hopefully bring about a cohesive sound and texture for you guys. If I can make your productions shine even just a little bit more than that would be a dream come true!

    There is still no say of how this will be recorded :) I would need each individual stem.
  • I thought no mixing/mastering?
  • I thought no mixing/mastering?
    Maybe and maybe not. The idea is that the only mixing and/or mastering will be done by me post-battle ;) so...

    1. You guys will produce your beats and submit them to this battle.

    2. A winner is announced.

    Normally, that's it. Finished. Caput. Done and dusted.

    However, there's a twist to the normal outcome in addition we collectively created an idea inspired from a thread. Here's the rub;

    3. Stems sent to me for mixing and/or mastering.

    4. Artwork and bandcamp page by @wolflegjon

    5. Other suggestions welcome :)

    Here is the thread that inspired this idea https://www.operator-1.com/index.php?p=/discussion/1849/how-do-you-get-your-music-out-there#latest

    Get me?
  • Sorry for getting that late back into the discussion. With no mixing or mastering in DAW, I ment, that you can use a DAW to record the tune. But not to manipulate it afterwards. Also recording via OP-1 or a recording device is fine.
  • Here comes my submission for this battle. A PO-16 having a short dialogue with a PO-28, supported by the PO-24.

  • the deadline is exceeded but even as I share

    PO-20 et PO-16 only 

  • So only two entries?
    What a cute little battle.
    Is voting ready or are we waiting still?
  • It would be nice to have more entries. But how realistic is that?
  • It would be nice to have more.
  • edited November 2016
    For sure.... But I'm too deep in other projects for the moment, battles have to wait !
    Plus my PO12 is still acting weirdly, I have to get some new batteries as rechargeable ones seem to leave it thirsty....
  • My first try, I initially didn't want to submit it, but if there are only two entries so far... :-)

  • so it ends just in the open?
    no voting, no timeline change, no new battle?
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