New 8 channel mixers available now

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I have been working on a few new mixer designs and the boards for the first new ones arrived today, it is an 8 channel version, switchable between stereo or split stereo/mono. What that means is that there are 2 outputs, the one on the left outputs stereo L/R unless the switch is set to mono in which case it outputs the Left side on the tip only, the output on the right only outputs the Right side onto the tip regardless of whether the switch is set to mono or stereo. The idea behind it is to allow somewhat more flexible routing when using stereo devices for example the Volca sample, or if you wanted to split the clock from the PO's to route elsewhere, or maybe to send to an fx unit or what have you.

Price to Operator-1 members is £39GBP plus post at cost (typically £9 worldwide tracked)

I am also doing cable sets, excellent quality flexible 50cm long TRS 3.5mm £10 for a set of 4 plus post.


  • is this 8 stereo inputs then?
  • ^ Yes 8 stereo or 8 mono or 2 x 8 mono each to their own separate mono buss :)
  • Cool, I presume you mean 2 x 4 mono each to their own buss
  • No really 2 x 8 mono :) - but you need to use splitter cables for the inputs, so each TRS input socket can carry either L+R or 2 independent mono sources.
  • Right, interesting
  • These are lovely little devices.
    I can recommend the attention to detail on these hand made circuits fill with confidence and a joy to have about.
  • interested.
  • Still got plenty left :)
  • @darenager

    - what's the post cost up to Bonnie Scotland?

    Have you thought about doing a little 8 track mixer like this but putting pots or sliders in to control volumes on the mixer?
    Would this even be possible or would sound quality be lost?
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    Post to Scotland is £3 tracked first class, £1.50 untracked :)

    I did do a 4 channel mono one with pots but they are all sold out now, so I am thinking of doing some other ones, stereo with pots is a bit trickier without going much larger in size. I am currently working on a few different designs for different functions.

    These ones without the pots though are great for gear where you have a volume control or easy start/stop like Volcas and PO's, also they come in very handy for expanding the inputs on a studio mixer, I use one for my Roland Boutiques to save me using up tons of inputs on my main mixer.
  • I do the same with the one I bought from you. Exactly that - and also for my Boutiques, coincidentally.

  • Do you have any left? Where do I send the money? :)
  • Looks super useful. Interested too if any left. Would this be suitable for connecting a bunch of hardware + guitar to a pedal board (the mono output function seems perfect) at the same time or would there be noise issues/loss of signal?
  • @caloriemate - yes still available PM me

    @Callofthevoid - not suitable for guitar, unless you use something to bring it up to line level, like a pre amp or pedal. You will always get loss of volume with passive mixing, but it is easy to make up the gain using a recorder or anything else with a pre amp.
  • Hello, Darenager I have been eyeing up your mixers for a while now but after coming back to this post and looking at your 8 channel model I had a brainwave. So here is my question I was wondering if its possible to use the left side as an input for a click track which will be sent on the 4 left side jacks which could be connected to the in's of the pocket operators then finally would it be possible to use the other side to take in the outputs of the pocket operators and put them into the single left stereo output on the top ?
    Thanks in advance
  • Hi @Ewig sorry for the late reply, but no it won't work like that I'm afraid.
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    Incidentally they are currently in LTD edition black at the moment.

    Click on image to enlarge.
  • Incidentally they are currently in LTD edition black at the moment.

    Click on image to enlarge.
    Do you still have these available? I'd love one, thanks
  • @yobink Sure do, DM me your email address:)
  • Hey @darenager! Still having one of these sweeties? Thanks!
  • @maara yes still available, I pm'd you :)
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    Do you ship to Sweden? @darenger
  • @elemenofi Yes! I will ship worldwide:)
  • I know this is not the post for this but:

    If I have an OP-1, a PO-12, a PO-14, a Volca Bass and a Volca Beat, will this little device allow me to plug them all to it and then just use the output as a 3.5mm cable to my OD-11?

    I just need like a place to put the 3.5mm output of all these devices so that they can all end up in my speakers :)

  • @elemenofi Yes indeed, it is exactly this kind of setup for which I designed these mixers, the level lost by the passive mixing is easily made up at the input of the OD-11. See the first picture in the thread for my email address which is on the mixer.
  • @darenager I'm looking for something that can synchronise multiple PO units from one master unit in parallel (since series destroys sound quality and control); it doesn't even have to output via a single 3.5mm jack (in fact, would be even better if it didn't since I can then use multiple outputs into another mixer I have).Would this work for that? If so, do you have any left?
  • @pokeylop it will work as a clock distributor although I have only ever tried 5 slaves, it should be fine with 8 but I have no way to test that as I do not have access to 8 devices. Yes I have some left.

  • are these still for sale?
  • @cuberoo yes I still have some.
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