Battle 38 - Stereo Pancake



  • @aahz - thanks for that. 

    because the main kick and snare sound are centered (played at equal strength on hard panned L-R tracks), it does make it feel there is a lot in the center. also some of the vocal plays in the same manner. 

    i tried to make it work with the kick and those vocals just on one side, and it just wasn't cutting the mustard in terms of the punch i needed with the kick, snare and the full-sounding vocals that really bring the tracks together. 

    i would say that there is a more significant amount of play going on with L-R channels than the main kick, snare and vocal. and quite a bit of editing and fine tuning went into ensuring that the sounds played on each side had a different character, even if they derived from the same sample source. and there is some that cross from L-R over time as well. 

    all in all i think it fulfills the battle decree, and bends the rules according to the rule that could be bent. 

    we'll see if others agree once voting ensues...but either way i'm glad you liked it, and hope others do as well...even if no vote goes my way. 

  • Hmm maybe I can jump in.
  • I finally got a song going, but it will take a couple of nights to finish it...
  • Here's mine:

    Thanks @motone for extending the deadline, it's been a while since I managed to crank a battle entry.

    It started with the main guitar riff, and the rest was built around it. Left channel has an acoustic guitar and an acoustic bass, both recorded through Zoom H2n into OP-1. Right channel has a couple of synths and some drums sampled from a PO-12.

    Looking forward to listening to the other entries!
  • Love that @vehka bossa nova style riff. Makes me whis I could play guitar.
  • @kln fantastic production on your track. Even better if it's all done on the OP-1.

    Did you track those vocals or sampled?
  • @Kites ;

    it was all 100% produced on the OP-1. 

    i used the OP-1 Drum Utility on my Mac to port the vocal sample to my OP-1. the vocal originally came from a vocal sound pack that i purchased recently. the vocal sample had two parts, which ended up taking less than the 12 seconds allowed in the Drum sampler, and i just left the other keys in the Utility blank when saving my AIFF. then i proceeded to chop up the two samples using the Drum Engine on the OP-1, and saved it as a Snapshot. 
  • @kln nice techniques. Mind if I ask name of the vocal samples? No worries if you want to keep it on the down low.
  • @Kites - happy to share the source. i copped this for half off during a sale at beatport sounds over the holidays.

    i did use a few other samples from the pack, a few of the one shot voices like the "Tick" and the "Drop" and a few breath sounds. all added to the OP-1 in another Drumkit i made with the Utility. 

    it's got some pretty nice vocal samples, in my opinion.

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    @kln thanks for the link, much appreciated. I wonder if they'll have another sale soon, 50 bones is pretty steep for samples on my account. Quite the pleasant vocals though, she's got a range that seems easy to mix.
  • @gambler
    Awesome work! A total auditory treat!
  • Last day for battle entries...
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    I'm ill as hell, but I'll get my track finished on time !
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    Began mine 2 days ago, borrowed totally different ways from what I had imagined. I'm not sure it'll be finished for tonight...maybe I'm gonna post a work in progress version then :)
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    Hey Guys! Been a while. just a quick noodling..

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    Here's my work in progress track, not sure if this version is the final one (I "finished" it for the battle entry, even I'm breaking the rules I know).

    I've started to record my rattletrap (jew's-harp ?) on the OP-1, and added some forest ambiance sounds from my natal place. I've hard panned these 2 tracks to make 4 tracks ! But I've encountered some issues to merge them on the OP-1...So 1 or 2 days later, I've all transfered on my DAW.

    And I've totally changed my plans, I've kept the rattletrap and forest tracks (with pan), and added some synths with my brand new JU-06, a trip-hop beat that I love (with little or no pan). I've finally touched something I like.

    I've worked the mixing part today, I think I need to deepen it again.
    Here's a work in progress nearly finished track I made,
    and I need some expert advices here !
    I really thrilled me on this track, so I know I broke lot of rules (mainly because of my 4 tracks OP-1 impossible merging issue), so you can eject me from the battle if you want @motone :).

  • My first battle entry.

    A touch of Delay master FX broke the pan rule (beginning and end).
    Also one click to centre (from edge) on pan L+R to emulate vinyl crosstalk.
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    Ahaha I am totally sick, and my wife and 2 children are puking everywhere in the house so I couldn't come up with something that I can call finished.
    Kind of sad actually : I was rather happy with the beginning of it...

    OP-1 / PO-12 / Volca Keys on the train these last days + Eventide Timefactor special FX and some guitar tonight...

    VERY interesting battle. I feel like I haven't really taken the hard panning very far, I really like @yoof's ping-pong of percussion, that's something I was looking forward to do.

    (EDIT : ghost note at the end ! I'm cursed !!)
  • Here's another one from me that adheres to the brief for this battle (but I think I'll stick with my original entry, @motone).

    For each chord, I played two of the three notes on one hard panned channel and the other on the other hard panned channel. That gave the chords the impression of being played down the centre. Then I took the liberty of breaking the rules (as permitted!) with the memory m1 and m2 buttons which were configured to different settings of delay on master. And lastly, the track features a field recording of me cutting up and tearing bits of paper in front of a microphone.

    @LyingDalai - thanks for the nice comment :) I very much like your entry too. Really moody and atmospheric start, and very cool when the drums come in. Also, I love that last section - ace! Hope your family get better soon.
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    Hi, I'm new!

    This piece travels through three parts or "levels". I just got my PO-20 yesterday in the mail, so that makes an appearance on level 3 alongside my older PO-12 on the right channel. I lined in some vocal atmospherics using space echo on Level 1, and two tracks of guitar on level 3.

  • so glad the extension allowed other operators to get in the battle, including some first time entries! some great work in here, so it will be hard to pick, but nonetheless excited for the voting round to commence. 

    @yoof - will you be pulling together a playlist in your OP-1 battle soundcloud? it's been the best way to hear the tracks and assess things with lots of entries, and i've missed utilizing that format in the past few battles. no worries if not, or it's a hassle.
  • Hey @kln - good idea, and sorry for not having kept that up in the last few. Will endeavour to put that together today.
  • @yoof thx mate :)
    @kln excellent idea !
    @Edzilla you seem to be totally infected by the Arcade, speaking of levels like this ^^
    Very good track ! There's some weird sonic landscapes and differents parts levels with each its atmosphere. Definitely the kind I'm fond of !!

    The night was epic ! Weirdest conditions ever to finish a track :D 
    Anyway, I'll leave the track as is as a reminding of this night where 2 bathrooms were sometimes not enough for the 4 of us... :D
  • quarantequatre !!!
    It's really impressive !
  • Here's the playlist, folks:

    If anybody sees a missing track, ping me and I'll add it (but I think I added them all).
  • Alright, thanks to everyone who participated, and especially @yoof for playlisting. I'll create a voting thread in about 6 hours, so there's still some time for last-minute entries....
  • @yoof I´ll upload tonite, lot of stuff happened here on the last two months but I managed to finish the beat! :) 
  • thanks for setting up the playlist @yoof

    great to hear all the tracks that way.
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    Thank you @LyingDalai :) I really appreciate. Your sick track is awesome too :)
    @yoof thanks for the playlisting and excellent track by the way !

    OMG All tracks are frakkin' awesome !

    I was wondering, how do you name this instrument in english ? I said rattletrap, but I'm not sure about that :D

  • @44 Je dirais "mouth harp"...
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