Teenage Engineering in London for 1 month!

This is worth checking out if you're in London;


There are some great discounts to be had, like my gorgeous OD-11 which I grabbed for £650 (after detailing my long term fanboy TE status!).

I also managed to blag a nice t shirt & bag for free too!

All sound at the venue was being distributed via 14 OD-11s.


  • How much were the shirt and bag?

    Their Instagram mentioned the shirts would be available for order later on.  And there was a photo of it, but none of the bag.  What's the bag like?
  • I got the bag & shirt for free...after having a nice long chat & explaining my previous TE purchases (OP-1, OP-Lab & all the PO's!!!).

    The t-shirt is a black Cheap Monday one with the TE logo on the front & "teenage engineering" on the back.

    The bag is a very lightweight black cloth bag, very nice, not for heavy things though!

    Tuesday is the official launch party, but it opened yesterday.
  • I mean did you notice how much the shirt and bag were being sold for?—or they weren't at all?
  • I'm hoping they come out with a "keyoo" shirt :o)
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