Battle 37 - AFX cover/remix

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Hoping there are a good number of AFX fans on this forum. That guy got me into electronic music and inevitably making it!! :)

For this battle you can have a go at covering or remixing an Aphex Twin track of your choice using only the OP-1's synth engines and the samples RDJ used for the particular track you choose. 

You can either try to recreate a track in its entirety, trying to stay as close to the original as possible or you can use some of the track's melodies/sounds and create your own version as a remix. You don't have to copy the track note for note, just have an essence of the original. 

I thought this would be a great challenge to get everyone thinking about sound design and beat/melody writing. 

Will allow the use of any midi files you can find on the net that people have already transcribed.
Or you can have a go at transcribing drums/melodies yourself.

- Everything to be mixed in the OP-1 and recorded to Album as usual.

- No outboard gear to be used for synthesis or fx. 

- Can use onboard microphone or line in mic to record anything foley you think RDJ would have used.

- Only use of outboard gear is for sequencing / piping midi into the OP-1.

- Re-sampling within the OP-1 is allowed.

- No use of OP-1 drum presets allowed, just D-Box and drums sampled by RDJ.

- All fx and all synth engines can be used.

- Can pick any one track from the discography of any of RDJ's alias's

- Bonus points for someone drawing the Aphex Twin logo in sketch! :P

Setting the deadline for entries on 16th October

Happy battling!


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