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Lets reopen this thread from the old forum!

I have a question: Did anyone try the UDG neoprene sleeve (for traktor kontrol) and can report on how well it fits a OP-1?



  • I have another UDG case, the one they offer for NI's Kontrol F1 X1  (selling for EUR 30 here: )
    This is a great little hardcase for the OP-1 at a good price. I use some foam strips to snug the synth inside the case but they are not 'mandatory' at all, I'm just a little over-cautious I guess. :) 

  • I'm thinking of sewing one I have some nice corduroy in autumnal colours, just need to buy some really good foam inserts.

    I'm trying to decide if some pockets or other features are needed? Maybe a space for my Kensington wifi drive, and cables. Maybe a dedicated set of earplugs.

    There's this woody case starting at $229.
  • That's a real nice case @Kites! Also great way to solve the crappy I/O board problem. I had a carpenter make me a wooden OP-1 case last year when I was in Indonesia. It cost me about 3 USD...
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    Hmm...that Pendeo case looks nice...but the price is too steep for me... the Monolith adapter would be a very useful extension to the OP-1 and I'd be ready to pay 50 bucks for that but I guess it'd only be safe to use it with/in the wooden case or on a solid surface. I keep my OP on a laptop stand and the Monolith would "float in midair" when connected to the side and it looks way too hefty for this. I don't think the built-in i/o board could tolerate such tension and weight....
  • ...hey guys...iam using an LG electronics packaging from a mobile phone for my op-1! tt has exactly the same size like the original paper foam but a lot more stable. :)

    for my Oplab iam using this old learning Box from Stabilo, original use is for learning Vocabulary.. works great! with some little DIY-ing to fit the Oplab.
  • well played.
  • Just to chime in. You absolutely can't go wrong with the official Units Portable OP-1 case. Well worth the money to protect your investment.
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    Agreed with Virtual_Flannel, I have it in gray and it's a quality piece. Worth the money. 

    I'm looking to get the backpack. Does anyone have it? Or know of another backpack to lug a few instruments and an iPad? 
  • I don't want to buy the official case unless I could get it 50% off. Out of principle. Yes I am silly.
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    I understand, if you don't mind buying used I see them sell on ebay. In fact I sold a black one to a member for $50. The pouch it comes with really comes in handy.
  • ....has anyone tried the Korg nano2 Bag? 
    sounds great for 12 €.

  • ....has anyone tried the Korg nano2 Bag? 
    sounds great for 12 €.

    Now that looks like it might be a good compromise. I'd be interested to know if anyone has tried it. I'm slightly worried about the OP1's knobs which protrude quite a lot and therefore need extra protection imho,
  • The problem with the official bag is the lack of room for the headphone plug you need to play while in public transport
  • The problem with the official bag is the lack of room for the headphone plug you need to play while in public transport
    And the price :-)
  • Check out this homemade cutie by this dude Ryan David Francis @rdfid

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    Also does anyone have any of the unit portables bags? I was thinking of getting the backpack so I could attach the op-1 case too as well as loading up with some of their little add on pouches.

    Pretty jealous of those who pre-ordered the Pendeo case, looks like production is well on its way:
  • If you have one of these double CD wallets laying around they make a great OP-1 case:

    Just add a little extra foam to protect the encoders.
  • i use this. fits the op1 perfectly. super secure. extra room for all my op1 accessories including my 12 foot cables.
  • @sammyjams pretty bad ass case. Was it a limited case? Post pics!

    Their cases look nice, too bad it's only on black.
  • @kites yes it was a limited edition case sadly. I'll post some pics soon
  • jooga1972 
    that case looks perfect.  a nice coincidence.
  • I do want the pendeo case but man it seems so pricey and I've read that if you leave the jack in all the time it will bend the connection back so idk.
    That mono case is super cool, isn't it water proof?
  • Handgun cases work well but try approaching Mr Customs Officer with that before declaring there's a synth inside ;)

    I got a Sennheiser Microphone Case from eBay for a couple of pound. Spend a few more £ on some foam and have a nice solid case.

  • One more thought on the Pendeo case: while it is definitely super-sexy and in general I dig wooden stuff, this case doesn't really suit the OP-1, imo. Something made of carbon fiber or glass fiber would be perfect though. Just my 2 cents.
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    @spacetravelmadeeasy I have flown with the op1 in the gun case without ever having a problem. in and out of JFK several times. One time was from israel. 50% of the time it goes through the machine no problem and the other 50% of the time they just wanted to see "super awesome synth thingy." Although usually they are more concerned with my guitar case filled with electronic components which look like a bomb but ive never had a problem other than a good laugh from TSA.

    edit- also im super bearded and look like a "terrorist."
  • "these aren't the bomb components you're looking for" :waggles fingers in face:
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