An effects box with a very good analog filter (cutoff/resonance) and perhaps compression too?

That's my gas. Please help me fill in the blanks :) 


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    oto biscuit

    waldorf 2 pole

    sherman filter bank

    akai mfc 42

    electrix filter factory

    elektron octatrack.

    iron ether xerograph ( and xerograph deluxe)

  • Sherman is great if a bit harsh, MFC42 is great if a bit tame, Filter Factory is most balanced overall and with the midi LFO and hands on controls is a lot of fun. Never tried the oto or iron ether.
  • Sounds like you want the Oto Machines Boum when it comes out (like a lot of people including myself)
    BOUM – Warming Unit
    Analog Compressor with tube emulation, octave, soft and hard distortion, followed by a 3 mode-2 pole Biscuit filter.
  • thanks for the tips, kind humans! i'll check out the filter factory, keep mining the factory to buy an octatrack and wait for the boum! :)
  • hmm the oto bicuit seems cool too
  • Looks interesting, but yeah, needs a lot of mining before purchase probably
  • Also jomox moonwind seems nice, and cheaper
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    Does the Waldorf 2 Pole use the same filter as the Pulse 2? If so it's a little boring, imo, but useful at least.

    MicroBrute can be used to filter incoming audio, too, and I paid $230 for mine as new/open box. A little large for just a filter, but it has a LFO or EG to patch into the cutoff. Not stereo.

    Korg Monotron can be used as a low pass :)
  • I realized I could use line in in Renoise, so i'll be playing with that for a while. Trying to avoid starting to buy effects, and eurorack, as long as i can muster...
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